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SEC Power Poll Ballot for Week 3

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

1. LSU
If it seems weird to make the change to the Bayou Bengals two days after Alabama beat A&M, then call me weird. I'm no longer convinced that Alabama could beat LSU on a neutral field, particularly if the Tigers can play defense as well as Virginia Tech while being offensively competent -- something I think that LSU might actually be this year.

2. Alabama
Giving up a lot of yardage to Johnny Manziel and company is understandable. Giving up the most yardage in program history is another matter entirely.

3. Georgia
Yeah, but I want to know how Aaron Murray does against a highly-ranked bye week.

4. Texas A&M
As long as they have Johnny Manziel, it's going to be very hard not to watch the Aggies, and very hard not to consider them a contender.

5. South Carolina
The win was a little bit narrower than they probably hoped, but Ron Morris liked it, so there's that.

6. Florida
I have a feeling they will not put up 59 points against Tennessee. 59 punts is more likely with that offense.

7. Ole Miss
What is it with these SEC teams traveling to the stadiums of mid-major opponents for their games? What do you mean it was Texas?

8. Missouri
They haven't played anyone yet, but that also means they haven't had the opportunity to look bad yet.

9. Vanderbilt
When you get rid of moral victories, sometimes that means you just end up with a loss.

10. Auburn
The last time Auburn won an SEC game, Texas had lost two straight and Europe was struggling with a debt crisis. So a lot has changed since then.

11. Arkansas

12. Mississippi State
Dak Prescott is very good. The rest of the team could use some work.

13. Tennessee
You know what they say: You can't come within 44 points of winning them all.

14. Kentucky
Look at it on the bright side: Charlie Strong might be coaching his way into the Texas job. Or he could always land at an SEC East school. I guess that's not a bright side, huh?