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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 6

Not many adjustments need to be made just yet, but some potential moves loom

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
Yawn. Wake me up when October ends.

2. Georgia
For now. But those injuries and the game against what looks to be an improving Missouri would have me worried were I a Georgia fan.

3. LSU
Same rule as I invoked on Florida last week: When you've defeated a team as long and as easily as LSU's beaten Mississippi State, I reserve the right to be unimpressed by it.

4. Texas A&M
The Aggies already have the record for the highest combined score in regulation involving at least one SEC team. (116, Louisiana Tech). After they face Ole Miss this weekend, they might have the top two.

5. South Carolina
If only there were a way to rank teams by quarter ...

6. Florida
I'm starting to suspect that Will Muschamp does nothing at practice but drink Red Bull and rehearse his rants against referees. Or that he's some kind of anti-Steve Spurrier -- Muschamp doesn't know that much about offense and really doesn't care what they do on that side of the ball.

7. Auburn
Ooh. Auburn. In the top half of the league. Ain't that something?

8. Missouri
They look like a team that can actually stay within 20 points of the better teams in the conference this year.

9. Ole Miss
Their hopes for a great season appear to have thawed out. Get it? Thawed?

10. Vanderbilt
There are actually three winnable games to end the season. But they're probably going to start that stretch 3-6, so it's going to be close.

11. Arkansas
They could lose every remaining game on their schedule. There are also a few that they could win. But a bowl is looking less and less likely.

12. Tennessee
Let's not get too excited. Georgia's injury report was longer than a list of Tennessee head coaches over the last five years.

13. Mississippi State
All they need is a little more cowbell. And offense. And defense ...

14. Kentucky
The Wildcats have become to South Carolina what the Gamecocks were to Georgia a few years ago: A team that usually frightens the daylights out of them, but rarely actually pulls off the upset. Of course, Kentucky fans are hoping that analogy plays out to its historical conclusion.