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SEC Power Poll Results After Week Five: Order

We are back to having a unanimous No. 1, and you'll never guess who it is. Most of the other moves are relatively minor after a week that restored the status quo

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 140 points (10 first-place votes)
2. Georgia Bulldogs, 130
3. LSU Tigers, 118
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 112
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 98
6. Florida Gators, 90
7. Mississippi Rebels, 81
8. Missouri Tigers, 69
9. Auburn Tigers, 56
10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 47
11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 38
11. Arkansas Razorbacks, 38
13. Tennessee Volunteers, 22
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 11

Well, that was fun while it lasted. LSU's loss to Georgia and Alabama's shutout of Ole Miss combined to at least temporarily end the Tigers' threat to take No. 1 from the Tide. The result in Tuscaloosa also moved the Rebels back a spot; Ole Miss had been the first team from outside each division's "Big Three" to rank higher than one of those half-dozen teams.

Elsewhere, things stay largely the same, except for some margins changing here and there. For example, South Carolina led Ole Miss by 12 last week and leads Florida by eight this time. But No. 8 through No. 14 are almost completely unchanged, save Arkansas moving into a tie with Mississippi State.



Finally put together the defensive performance we've been expecting all season. --Rocky Top Talk

Easily the best team in the NFC South.--Georgia Sports Blog


Record aside, this is Bielema's training wheels season. Collins and the run game are sexy to behold for fans of smashmouth, and WPS isn't like to be blown out of many games. However, serious problems arise when either the Hogs or their opponents attempt forward passes: This isn't a youth issue, it's a talent deficit.--Roll Bama Roll

We knew TAMU's defense was weak, but the Razorbacks are a bit surprising offensively.--A Sea of Blue


Off this week, the Tigers travel to Oxford where the Rebels will certainly be looking for revenge on anything to do with the state of Alabama after being embarrassed across the border this week.--Arkansas Fight

Tigers, you'll always have holding LSU to fewer points than Georgia.--Georgia Sports Blog


Being at least 17 points better than Kentucky is the buy-in in the SEC East's current game of poker.--Dawg Sports

Running back Matt Jones (176 yards) outgained Kentucky (173) by himself in the best all-around game on the young season for the Gators. New starter Tyler Murphy wasn't atrocious, a step in the right direction for the quarterback position in Gainesville.--Arkansas Fight


The young defense is still a liability (four freshmen), but given the offenses they've faced, it'd be hard not to struggle. The offense needs nothing said other than let's retire this collective trope about Aaron Murray's inability to get it done. Color me unsurprised when we see a Dawgs-Tide SECCG rematch.--Roll Bama Roll

Defense is for basketball teams, not for Georgia. They can score 40+ on anybody, it seems.--A Sea of Blue


Lost their 27th in a row to Florida. At least Joker Phillips now has somebody to kick around.--Get the Picture

I'd be willing to bet anything in double digits this week against South Carolina causes the UK students to rush the field.--Georgia Sports Blog


Mainly forgotten in the head-to-head loss is that Zach Mettenberger, on the road, outplayed Murray, which is made easier because no one can guard their weapons on the outside. However, there just may be no answers -other than growing pains- for a back seven that is going to get picked on season-long.--Roll Bama Roll

I don't think any less of LSU after a 3 point road loss to Georgia, just as I didn't think less of Georgia after their 3 point road loss to Clemson.--Dawg Sports


If you're going to live on your offense, you could try scoring.--Rocky Top Talk

Front four is incredibly talented, and the young secondary played lights out. Still, the offense remains a poor man's Malzahn in terms of putting it together against competent defenses. Want to beat the Rebels? Put tactical pressure on Freeze and put the ball in Bo Wallace's hands: Bad things happen.--Roll Bama Roll


Call me a dreamer, but a stout defensive line and a mobile quarterback can do good things in a conference where everyone has glaring vulnerabilities. Three or four conference wins is not out of the question.--Roll Bama Roll

We'll see how that defense does this week, but unless they find some offense, their upside is the BBVA Compass Bowl.--Georgia Sports Blog


Falling behind Arkansas State in the third quarter may not have been that big a deal. Doing the same against one of the five ranked opponents left on the schedule won't be so easy to overcome.--Get the Picture

Undefeated against an uninspiring, one-sided non-conference slate. Get to test their chops against Vanderbilt this week, which should also prove to be an uninspired, one-sided affair. Don't underestimate the confidence that a 5-0 start could bring before that shootout with UGA. A loss to the 'Dores, though, will absolutely derail this team, and usher an end to the Pinkel era.--Roll Bama Roll


Injuries to Shaw, a ghastly secondary, and a propensity for uneven play separate the ‘Cocks from the Gators. Davis is the real deal, but with an uncertain passing game, and poor play away from Columbia, a stunner-type loss is not out of the question.--Roll Bama Roll

And now you see why schools don't like playing away games out of conference. The Gamecocks lost their starting quarterback, Connor Shaw, in the first quarter. Without him, it took the rest of the half for Steve Spurrier to crack the code on offense. It involved a lot of running back Mike Davis. If Shaw remains unable to go, look for that trend to continue.--Arkansas Fight


Might be better off going Wildcat full-time.--Rocky Top Talk

Struggled with South Alabama. Maybe they can turn it around against Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.--Get the Picture


Johnny Football is all-world. The defense isn't even all-Conference USA.--Get the Picture

Johnny Manziel walks into a bar. Chuck Norris politely leaves.--Georgia Sports Blog


Bounced back from struggling with UMass to crush UAB. I can't really figure out a way to make that sound impressive.--Get the Picture

This is not last year's Vanderbilt team. Their defense is looking very suspect.--A Sea of Blue