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WATCH: Keldon Johnson buries a half court shot at the buzzer to send Kentucky-Seton Hall to OT


FOX Sports

So, you may be watching the Kentucky Wildcats vs. the Seton Hall Pirates right now. In case you didn’t, let’s quickly talk about the last 10 seconds.

Myles Powell uncorked one from the corner to give Seton Hall a 70-67 edge over the Wildcats. With 1.1 seconds left, you figure that Seton Hall was likely to win, barring a miracle to send the game to OT.

Well, Kentucky got their miracle, alright. Keldon Johnson came up big with THIS half court heave.

Un...believable shotmaking in the last ticks of this game. This is still going on FOX, and you’ll want to see the conclusion.

(h/t FOX Sports)