Need Your College Football Fix? Join NZCFL - A ZenGM Simulation College Football League!

Hello Team Speed Kills!

The NZCFL, a community that runs a college football simulation league on ZenGM, is looking for new coaches! We have recently expanded, so there are multiple teams open! As the coach of a team, you will have full control over recruiting and coaching your team using the ZenGM simulation game.

Things you need to know before joining;
1. ZenGM is free to play through any web browser,, on a computer, can not be used on mobile. It is a user friendly system and easy to learn, but if you do have any questions, we will be able to help out.
2. We use Reddit,, to set official line-ups and recruit through the season.
3. We also use Discord,, to announce scores, news, information, recruiting, and awards through the season.

If you are interested in joining, you can message me directly or join the Discord server and mods will gladly help with any other information. Hope to see you there!

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