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LSU squares off against Florida in a top 10 matchup

LSU hopes the Saturday Night Death Valley magic will help this this week.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Florida Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalries usually have hate, close games and pettiness. The LSU Tigers and Florida Gators have a good amount of hate, a lot of close games and an inordinate amount of pettiness. From scheduling problems to dead mascots to players’ phone numbers, this game has seen quite a bit. This year isn’t much different, with Joe Burrow saying, “they don’t like us, and we don’t like them.”

Florida comes in fresh off a beat down against Auburn. They have an answer at quarterback, although he comes with a sprained knee at the moment. They have some playmakers on the offense end, and they have the conferences best defensive line which boasts 28 sacks. Florida’s defense is 16th in the country in yards per play given up; they are going to try to lean on that defense today.

LSU’s defense, for all of its criticisms, is 13th in the country in yards per play surrendered. Couple that with the best offense Baton Rouge has ever seen and this team is ferocious. The offense hasn’t play much of anyone with a pulse, but they didn’t in years past and still struggled to pass for 250 yards. This game will be the litmus test for LSU. I expect a close game, with LSU pulling away. But with this game, you almost never know. Saturday Night, Death Valley, College Gameday, this is about the biggest stage you can set, all that’s left is to tailgate and wait until 7:00.


Time: 8 ET/7 p.m. CT


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