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TSK’s welcoming party rages on

Here’s our newest writer!

Kentucky v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

My name is Julian Mitchell and I’m thrilled to now be a contributor at Team Speed Kills!

To open this introduction, I was thinking of attempting to spell out the musical strains of the SEC on CBS’ theme song in words, but that would simply be obnoxious and embarrassing. Those sounds are near and dear to me, however. They were heard practically every fall Saturday in my living room while growing up in South Carolina. Naturally, that majestic song was usually preceded by the three Daves calling the Jefferson Pilot Broadcasts. I’m 25 years old and lucky enough to have witnessed the steady rise of the Southeastern Conference over the years.

After moving with my family out of SEC Country for a little while in high school, I made the right move and chose to attend the University of Kentucky. My love for this conference could only grow as I was able to more regularly attend games in person as a student. The pride and passion of the fans and the lead up to games is just as magnetic as the competitions themselves. If my time growing up was my courtship of the SEC and college sports, my time in college was the wedding.

Nowadays, my fan allegiance lies pretty much exclusively with my alma mater, but I still have a little love for the Gamecocks (I won’t go easy on my family if UK makes it five in a row this year). As football quickly approaches, I’m hoping to bring you enjoyable and entertaining SEC content this season. I’ve spared you here, but I still can’t promise that you won’t see that theme song spelled out in all caps at some point.