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Ready for the ride: Hello TSK

As has been a theme this offseason, Team Speed Kills welcomes another new writer!

Florida v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There aren’t many words to describe this other than, I’m excited to get started.

Hello everyone! I’m Bryan Edwards, and I’ll be joining the TSK staff this year, hopefully helping them produce some high quality SEC content this year.

A little about me: I’m currently a Journalism major at Murray State University, and work for my local news outlet, the Murray Ledger and Times. There, I get the opportunity to cover the university and its athletics department on a full time basis.

I’ve had a love for the University of Kentucky my entire life. Originally for basketball, but over the recent years I’ve grown to enjoy football more in general. So, being a Kentucky fan and having a passion for college football, joining the TSK staff when I saw they were looking for writers was definitely a no-brainer, and I’m glad they decided to have me on. I’m ready to hit the ground running.

As far as hobbies go, When I’m not a work I’m either watching sports, hanging out with my roommates, or getting destroyed in Call of Duty by said roommates

I’m going to keep this fairly short. I’m really excited to get things going with TSK and here’s to what I hope will be a phenomenal year in the SEC.