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Team Speed Kills is looking for writers

Come join our team!

SEC Championship - Missouri v Auburn Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We at Team Speed Kills, your source for all things SEC at SB Nation, are looking for writers to join our team. While basketball is wrapping up and football is in a dormant period, there’s still plenty to write about and discuss in the Southeastern Conference. So, we want to hear from you, yes you, and would like your voices heard on our platform.

We’re looking for writers who may be young or old, men or women, or anything of the like to join us at TSK. We have a great team here so far, comprised of writers and voices of all kinds. And we’d be happy to bring along many more to join our site. Experience isn’t necessarily required, but obviously, having more experience may help you in being brought aboard.

At the moment, we’d like writers who have an interest in SEC baseball and softball. We’re looking to up our coverage of it, as the two sports are some of the most popular in the entire conference. Obviously, we’d be more than happy to bring you aboard if that isn’t your thing, as recruiting season is coming up, and knowing hoops this time of year would be helpful, as well.

Positions are unpaid, and I won’t salt you with anything about “paying with exposure” or anything of that ilk. If you are looking for a paid writing gig, this obviously is not for you. Which is fine! We won’t be offended by that sort of thing.

All inquiries can be sent to If applicable, please send along a few writing samples so that we know what we’re getting out of you.

Thanks! And we hope you apply to join Team Speed Kills.