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SEC Softball Weekend Recap

The SEC’s softball teams took trips all over the nation to play last weekend.

@HailStatePics/Mississippi State Athletics


In Tuscaloosa, Alabama played four different games against three different opponents. The Crimson Tide was able to take three of those games, but ultimately split their games against a tough Florida State squad.

Overall record: 9-2

Game Results:

Friday: 5-1 Alabama over Georgia State
Friday: 3-0 Alabama over Florida State
Saturday: 11-3 Alabama over Northern Iowa
Saturday: 3-1 Florida State over Alabama


In the Madeira Beach Invitational down in Florida, the Arkansas Razorbacks put up a plethora of runs through most of their games, but ultimately ran out of steam as the weekend closed out. Arkansas won 4 games through the weekend, but lost to McNeese State on Sunday.

Overall record: 9-1

Game Results:

Friday: 15-3 Arkansas over Marist
Friday: 9-1 Arkansas over Manhattan
Saturday: 10-1 Arkansas over Delaware
Saturday: 9-0 Arkansas over Villanova
Sunday: 5-6 McNeese State over Arkansas


Auburn has the most wins on the season in the SEC with 17, but they also have a pair of losses. Both of those losses came while the Tigers were playing in the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic. The Tigers earned their 12th shutout of the season while in California, tying them with Florida.

Overall record: 17-2

Game Results:

Thursday: 6-2 Auburn over Notre Dame
Thursday: 3-2 Wisconsin over Auburn
Friday: 4-0 Auburn over San Jose State
Friday: 10-7 Auburn over Oregon State
Saturday: 6-3 Long Beach State over Auburn


Tied with Tennessee for the best overall record in the SEC, the Florida Gators are currently 16-1 and coming off of a strong showing in Gainesville. Florida is on a 4 game streak of shutting out their opponents and UF has done just that 12 times so far on the year, one upping Georgia (who we’ll get to in a minute).

Overall record: 16-1

Game Results:

Friday: 7-2 UF over Maryland
Friday: 10-1 UF over Illinois State
Saturday: 12-0 UF over Maryland
Saturday: 8-0 UF over Iowa State
Sunday: 3-0 UF over Iowa State
Sunday: 8-0 UF over Georgia Southern


The University of Georgia softball team brought out three different teams to play in Athens, played them a total of four times, and held all of their opponents off of the scoreboard. The Bulldogs beat their opponents 34 runs to absolutely nothing. They’re currently on a 6 game streak of shutting out their opponents and they’ve accomplished that feat 9 times on the year.

Overall record: 13-1

Game Results:

Friday: 12-0 UGA over Charleston
Friday: 9-0 UGA over Gardner-Webb
Saturday: 6-0 UGA over Charleston
Saturday: 7-0 UGA over ETSU


After dropping their first series of their season, the Kentucky Wildcats squad hit the road this weekend to head to Orlando, Florida to compete in the D9 Citrus Classic. While playing at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, Kentucky dropped their first game of the weekend but hit a stride to leave on a 4 game winning streak.

Overall record: 9-3

Game Results:

Friday: 2-1 Minnesota over Kentucky
Friday: 5-1 Kentucky over Duke
Saturday: 11-6 Kentucky over Bradley
Saturday: 9-3 Kentucky over Harvard
Sunday: 5-3 Kentucky over Purdue


LSU’s trip to the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic resulted in the Tigers losing their 14 game winning streak. After a strong start out in California by crushing most of their opponents, LSU ended the weekend by dropping their first two games of the season in a double header to Pac-12 teams UCLA and Oregon.

Overall record: 14-2

Game Results:

Thursday: 4-0 LSU over San Jose State
Thursday: 9-0 LSU over Pacific
Friday: 5-2 LSU over Nevada
Saturday: 10-2 LSU over Fresno State
Saturday: 9-1 UCLA over LSU
Sunday: 4-0 Oregon over LSU

Ole Miss

Ole Miss spent their weekend in two different states, heading down to Troy, Alabama to compete in the Trojan Classic and then headed home to host Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The Rebels made quick work of all of their opponents and strolled through the weekend undefeated.

Overall record: 10-2

Game Results:

Friday: 4-2 Ole Miss over Murray State
Friday: 12-2 Ole Miss over Tennessee Tech
Sunday: 1-0 Ole Miss over SIUE
Monday: 6-1 Ole Miss over SIUE

Mississippi State

Vann Stuedeman and Mississippi State went out to California to compete in the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic against Arizona State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, San Jose State, and Cal State Fullerton. Mississippi State went 3-2 in that stretch, but dominant wins over ranked Nebraska and Oklahoma State pushed MSU into the top 25 rankings.

Overall record: 12-3

Game Results:

Thursday: 3-1 Arizona State over Mississippi State
Thursday: 9-0 Mississippi State over Nebraska
Friday: 9-4 Mississippi State over Oklahoma State
Saturday: 6-4 Mississippi State over San Jose State
Saturday: 4-1 Cal State Fullerton over Mississippi State


Missouri’s squad has taken a rough start to the year, sitting at the bottom of the SEC with an overall record of 10-7. The Tigers were able to get into the double digits in the win column thanks to a solid showing in the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic. Though they couldn’t beat any ranked teams, Missouri got some much needed wins on the trip.

Overall record: 10-7

Game Results:

Thursday: 8-6 Mizzou over BYU
Thursday: 9-4 Arizona over Mizzou
Friday: 9-0 Mizzou over North Carolina
Saturday: 7-3 Mizzou over Wisconsin
Saturday: 8-0 Mizzou over Bethune-Cookman
Sunday: 4-0 UCLA over Mizzou

South Carolina

The South Carolina Gamecocks took a trip down to Orlando, Florida to compete in the D9 Citrus Classic. The event hosted at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex pitted South Carolina against Louisville, Bradley, Miami (Ohio), South Alabama, and Lehigh, all of whom lost to the Gamecocks.

Overall record: 15-1

Game Results:

Friday: 5-3 South Carolina over Louisville
Friday: 8-0 South Carolina over Bradley
Saturday: 12-0 South Carolina over Miami (Ohio)
Saturday: 1-0 South Carolina over South Alabama
Sunday: 15-0 South Carolina over Lehigh


In the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic in California, Tennessee faced a tough slate of competition. However, the Lady Vols went through the weekend undefeated, beating all 6 of their opponents.

Overall record: 16-1

Game Results:

Thursday: 13-0 Tennessee over BYU
Thursday: 7-1 Tennessee over Bethune-Cookman
Friday: 7-0 Tennessee over UC Davis
Friday: 9-3 Tennessee over Oregon State
Saturday: 1-0 Tennessee over Oregon
Saturday: 6-1 Tennessee over Northwestern

Texas A&M

Texas A&M, like other SEC teams, headed out to California to compete in the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic. There, the Aggies faced some of the best in the nation such as Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oregon, California, and Washington.

Overall record: 12-2

Game Results:

Thursday: 5-3 A&M over Notre Dame
Thursday: 6-3 Nebraska over A&M
Friday: 3-1 A&M over Oregon
Friday: 5-1 A&M over California
Saturday: 4-3 Washington over A&M