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2018 SEC Softball Opening Weekend Recap

The Southeastern Conference absolutely dominated the opening weekend of softball play.

HailStatePics/Mississippi State Athletics

For the most part, the SEC dominated the opening weekend of the college softball season. A notable seven of the conference’s 13 teams (Vanderbilt doesn’t play softball) are still undefeated. Let’s dive into what happened as the SEC got things started.

Notable Highlights

Mississippi State’s Holly Ward threw a perfect game on Friday against Mississippi Valley State in the first game of the Bulldog Kickoff Classic:

Tennessee won on a walk off against Utah thanks to this bases clearing double from Abigail Lockman:

How did each team do?

As a whole, the SEC succeeded and dominated throughout the weekend. The only teams without a winning record after the opening weekend are Arkansas (who didn’t play a single game), Kentucky (who dropped their first two games two New Mexico State and lost a high scoring series), and Mizzou ( who was blown out by #3 Oregon, lost to Oklahoma State, and then fell to Oregon State).

Let’s take a look at the entire conference and see how the teams are doing so far with their records, their best wins, and their worst losses. Since many of these teams don’t actually have a loss yet, their worst win can substitute simply for the sake of giving me something else to talk about.

Here we go:


Overall Record: 3-0

Best Win: Alabama got off to a solid start and won all of their games to open the weekend. Their 10-0 victory over Penn State is probably the best win the Crimson Tide has so far.

Worst Loss: They didn’t lose any games, but the only one of their wins that wasn’t by double digits was a 1-0 game against South Alabama. So, we’ll go with that one.


Overall Record: 0-0

Best Win: They haven’t played yet, so, nobody.

Worst Loss: Again, they haven’t played yet.


Overall Record: 6-0

Best Win: The Tigers had a difficult time scoring against vastly inferior competition for most of their opening weekend, with one exception. Auburn absolutely crushed Tennessee Tech

Worst Loss: Auburn squeaked by their opponents all weekend, but their dominant pitching prevented any real damage being done on their scoreboard. Auburn’s 2-0 win over Furman can fill in here.


Overall Record: 5-0

Best Win: The Gators met up with #16 Michigan for a rematch of the 2015 Women’s College World Series. Florida was able to shut out Michigan for a 2-0 victory.

Worst Loss: It’s hard to call a 14-3 win against USF as something that is bad, but like Auburn and Alabama, there’s nothing to put here. And I’m bored. So I’m going to put something here. USF was the only team that actually scored on Florida, so here you go.


Overall Record: 4-1

Best Win: Georgia had a pair of incredibly solid wins this past weekend. Beating both #16 Utah and #22 BYU deserves recognition. The 13-1 victory over BYU is more impressive than the 5-1 win over Utah, however.

Worst Loss: Georgia is the first team that we’ve discussed so far that actually has a loss on their record, but it’s not a horrible loss. Losing 8-3 to #3 Oregon isn’t great, but it’s not the worst loss that an SEC team experienced this weekend.


Overall Record: 1-2

Best Win: Kentucky did not have a good weekend. Not at all. UK was able to clinch a 10-2 victory over New Mexico State, but we’re about to get into why it was bad.

Worst Loss: On Saturday, in a double header, Kentucky lost two games to NMSU. Both are bad. And to make up for not having more “worst losses” to discuss earlier in this article, I’ll bring both the 9-12 loss and the 6-10 loss into this section here. They’re both bad. They happened back to back. They made Kentucky lose the series to New Mexico State.


Overall Record: 4-0

Best Win: LSU, like many other teams, wasn’t challenged much this weekend. They cruised through and won like they were supposed to. Their best win probably comes in the form of a 7-0 win over UMass.

Worst Loss: LSU, as you’ve noticed, also doesn’t have a loss to discuss here. However, only beating University of Illinois at Chicago 3-0 isn’t the best type of win to have.

Ole Miss

Overall Record: 3-1

Best Win: Ole Miss got things going on the season with a 5-1 win over Virginia Tech, which is certainly the best of their wins so far.

Worst Loss: Despite Ole Miss getting off to a decent start, the Rebels did fall to Lipscomb in a 3-0 shutout. If I had to guess, that’s probably not how the wanted to end their weekend.

Mississippi State

Overall Record: 4-0

Best Win: Mississippi State’s season started out with perfection in the form of a 10-0 win that featured Holly Ward’s perfect game. Throwing a perfect game and racking up double digit runs against a cupcake is a good tone setter for the season.

Worst Loss: There’s not an actual loss to discuss here. However, MSU did play Missouri State, who is another school that wears maroon and white and kinda goes by “MSU,” and that was a little confusing for an inning or two. The Bulldogs won 5-0, but I’m not a fan of the thought of having MSU play Missouri State for any sport ever again.


Overall Record: 2-3

Best Win: I’m not sure which of the Tigers’ two wins is better. Scoring 19 runs on CSU Northridge is good. giving up 10 runs to CSU Northridge is, well, the opposite of that. Shutting out UT El Paso is good. Only scoring 3 runs on UT El Paso? Eh.

Let’s go with the UTEP win?

Worst Loss: Like Georgia, Mizzou lost to #3 Oregon. Unlike Georgia, the Tigers were blown out. Mizzou is on a 3 game losing skid and it started with a 14-2 loss to Oregon.

South Carolina

Overall Record: 4-1

Best Win: USC has a few wins to consider, but only one win by double digits on the weekend. Beating Hofstra 11-0 is their best win so far.

Worst Loss: South Carolina only has one loss to consider and it’s a 3-1 game to FIU.


Overall Record: 6-0

Best Win: Tennessee is 6-0 so far and is tied with Auburn for the top spot of the SEC in terms of overall wins after one weekend. Beating #19 Arizona State 7-4 in their second game of the season just barely edges out beating #16 Utah 6-5.

Worst Loss: There’s no real loss here and so let’s go with barely beating San Jose State 7-6 instead.

Texas A&M

Overall Record: 4-0

Best Win: The Aggies bested Boston College during the weekend, but the second game was notably more impressive than the first. An 11-3 victory is certainly the best win A&M has so far.

Worst Loss: And this is the last time (in this article at least) that we’ll have to substitute a win in for a loss for no other reason than I don’t know what to put here and I want to continue to write. A&M’s 5-4 win over Houston is probably their least impressive win so far.