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Watch: WWE Raw crowd chants “Fire Currie” in Knoxville

Frustration is still percolating in Knoxville.

Sunday’s debacle in Knoxville is apparently still going strong. A day after the Tennessee Volunteers bungled their coaching hire of Greg Schiano — who, as it turns out, wouldn’t be hired by the Vols after all — Volunteer fans have found a new way to voice their frustrations.

Where? Monday Night RAW. That’s right — WWE’s flagship program stopped in Knoxville at Thompson-Boling Arena on Monday night in an episode of absolutely brilliant timing. The fans in Knoxville decided to chant “FIRE CURRIE!” during a cruiserweight fatal four-way match, eliciting their anger towards their current athletic director.

Let’s go to the video tape. And turn that sound on.

Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs, a mayoral candidate for Knox County, has yet to appear on the program. We imagine that he’s going to get a pretty monster pop from the crowd, seeing as he had a hand in Sunday’s proceedings.