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Watch: Mizzou gets TD taken off the board because of “excessive” celebration

...Yeah, y’all can be the judge of this one.

The Mizzou-Missouri State game has given us a lot on this beautiful Saturday.

We had the first play from scrimmage go for a score. We had back-and-forth volleying with pitiful defense on display. And offense. Lots of offense.

Now we have “Absolutely terrible call by the official” joining the party.

Damarea Crockett, who has done his part in running all over the Bears defense. He capped off what appeared to be a lengthy TD run with a dive into the end zone.

Seems harmless yes? He was getting away from a few defenders, and may very well have been out of gas.

Well... apparently not to that official that you see rumbling down the field. Almost instantly, the ref threw a flag. As it turned out, Crockett was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for “excessive celebration.” By rule, the points were taken off the board.

Yes, for real. That’s all Crockett did, and the referee, eagerly we might add, threw the flag.


(h/t SEC Network)