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Team Speed Kills 2016 SEC power rankings: WEEK NINE EDITION

Wow, it’s Week 9 already? Sheesh.

Arkansas v Auburn Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Greetings! Welcome to the latest edition of our power rankings.

This week, we received votes from the following SEC blogs:

Roll ‘Bama Roll

And The Valley Shook

Rock M Nation

Garnet & Black Attack

Good Bull Hunting

In addition, 11 TSK voters submitted votes, good for 16 total ballots.

14. Missouri Tigers

(Score: 13.68; Highest Vote: 12; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 10)

“I’m certain that Mizzou would rather be lost in the middle of Tennessee than to have lost to Middle Tennessee” -- Christopher Novak

“At least basketball season is around the -- oh, right...” -- Tom Stephenson

“Still winless in the SEC, and now they are dropping games to Middle Tennessee.” -- ATVS

13. South Carolina Gamecocks

(Score: 13.06; Highest Vote: 11; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 14)

“Stopped the bleeding for a week at least.” -- ATVS

“Seriously though, what is it with SEC teams and UMass this year?” -- Tom Stephenson

12. Mississippi State Bulldogs

(Score: 11.62; Highest Vote: 10; Lowest Vote: 13; Last Week: 11)

“Hey, but at least they can watch the 5-1 Dallas Cowboys and pretend Dak Prescott is still their QB.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Two years ago at this time, Mullen had the Bulldogs atop the AP poll. Wheel of Fortuna spins like a demon.”

11. Vanderbilt Commodores

(Score: 11; Highest Vote: 10; Lowest Vote: 13; Last Week: T-12)

“Will the rest of this season be known as ‘Revenge of the Nerds?’ Time will tell.” -- Christopher Novak

“Since Missouri's last SEC win, Vanderbilt has won three SEC games AND beaten MTSU twice. Just thought I'd throw that out there.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Two straight wins! And I still can’t bring myself to vote Georgia ahead of them, as results on the field of play should matter.” -- ATVS

10. Kentucky Wildcats

(Score: 10; Highest Vote: 8; Lowest Vote: 12; Last Week: T-12)

“Did you know they're currently ahead of Tennessee in the East standings? Yeah, I was surprised too.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Has completely transformed their season in the past two weeks. They are now a win over Missouri away from likely bowl eligibility with Austin Peay still to play.” -- ATVS

9. Georgia Bulldogs

(Score: 9.3; Highest Vote: 8; Lowest Vote: 11; Last Week: 9)

“What are they doing, hanging around with the dregs of the conference like this? A disaster of a season so far.” -- ATVS

“Is anyone confident they'll make a bowl game at this point?” -- Tom Stephenson

8. Ole Miss Rebels

(Score: 7.43; Highest Vote: 6; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 5)

“Hang on, I think Leonard Fournette just scored another touchdown.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Started the season with paper thin depth, which has been further tested by a rash of injuries.” -- ATVS

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

(Score: 7.18; Highest Vote: 6; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 3)

“Still think this team is good but, man, what a beat down.” -- Christopher Novak

“Would Razorback fans prefer that I comment on this?” -- Tom Stephenson

“Bouncing up and down these power rankings like a ping pong ball. They didn’t get beat, they were absolutely humiliated.” -- ATVS

6. Florida Gators

(Score: 6.31; Highest Vote: 5; Lowest Vote: 8; Last Week: 7)

“It just FEELS like they haven't played in a month.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Wondering if they can win the SEC with the best defense in the conference and possibly the worst offense.” -- ATVS

5. Tennessee Volunteers

(Score: 5.06; Highest Vote: 3; Lowest Vote: 7; Last Week: 4)

“Didn't play this week, which means they looked better than they did against Alabama.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Took a week off to lick their wounds, but in a good position to win out and make it to Atlanta.” -- ATVS

4. LSU Tigers

(Score: 3.5; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 5; Last Week: 8)

“Leonard Fournette is rude as hell.” -- Christopher Novak

“When Coach O is involved, Ole Miss loses.” -- Tom Stephenson

“Before we get too excited over the Tigers recent surge, it’s time to play fun with schedule effects! The Tigers three SEC wins are over teams with a combined conference record of 2-9.” -- ATVS

3. Auburn Tigers

(Score: 3; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 4; Last Week: 6)

“Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown would be proud of that rushing performance.” -- Christopher Novak

“ In a word: whoa.” -- Tom Stephenson

“They may have risen up the rankings due to social promotion, but they solidified their spot with an absolute thrashing of Arkansas. No more wondering… this team is good.” -- ATVS

2. Texas A&M Aggies

(Score: 2.68; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 4; Last Week: 2)

“Hey, they managed to not get completely run off the field?” -- Tom Stephenson

“The Aggies held a 14-13 lead in the second half. They lost by 19. Not their fault Bama is virtually a pro team.” -- ATVS

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (16)

(Score: 1; First-Place Votes: 16; Last Week: 1)

“Come on, rest of the SEC, at least make me have to put some thought into this.” -- Tom Stephenson

“You come at the king, you best not miss.” -- ATVS

“Jonathan Allen could probably help the Superman franchise more than Man of Steel ever could have hoped to.” -- Christopher Novak