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Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong Want to Resume A&M-UT Series

Is there anyone left on the record who doesn't want to get it going again? C'mon guys.

Darren Carroll/Getty Images

We're running out of excuses for why Texas A&M and Texas can't have a series in football. As Chris Low pointed out, both Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong have recently gone on the record stumping for a revival of the rivalry. Sumlin:

"Now, moving into Year 4 and listening to our former students and our alumni base and knowing a lot of Texas alums, it's important that we play again," Sumlin said. ... I think the Texas series will happen. I just don't know when."

And Strong:

"Over 100 years, we've played that game. Why stop it now because we're in different conferences? At some point, when it's right for everybody with the different schedules, I would love to play Texas A&M again."

The language is more forceful on A&M's side, for what it's worth, with Strong (possibly in jest?) saying his team isn't ready yet to face the Aggies:

"Let me win some games first," he said. "Then I can push it. I don't know if I want to go walking into College Station right now."

In any event, it sounds like we'll eventually see the series happen again. People on both sides want it to happen, and especially with both teams being in the same state, I think they're going to get back to it sooner than later.

It's a far cry, at least, from what we hear about the Missouri-Kansas rivalry. Mizzou AD Mike Alden reiterated his normal line on the radio today that he'd love to see the series come back, but Kansas apparently is still refusing to stage the game.

That is a series that sounds dead, unfortunately. It's a very different sound than what we hear out of College Station and Austin, though. Figure this out guys. You can do it.