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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 5

Yeah, yeah, I have a new No. 1. Stupid LSU. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
I'm still leaning toward LSU beating Alabama later this year, but it's close call between the top three teams, in part because I also think Alabama would beat Georgia. Which beat LSU, etc. And in fairness to Alabama, they answered one of the main questions I had about them at this point by blanking Ole Miss. So they're back in the No. 1 spot for now.

2. Georgia
The offense is about as incredible as everyone thought. The defense is also about what everyone thought. And no one thought it was going to be incredible. Whether that costs them a game somewhere down the road is anyone's guess.

3. LSU
The Tigers' offense is coming around rather nicely, and Georgia isn't exactly the best place to get a good read on whether your defense can stop an average or slightly above-average SEC offense that doesn't have Aaron Murray and a two-headed running back monster. But the buzz surrounding LSU takes a huge hit after their first loss.

4. Texas A&M
Still think the Aggies need Alabama to end up with two losses in order to get in, because a three-way tie is more likely to go to Alabama or LSU than A&M. That's if A&M can beat the Tide, which looks kind of unlikely after TAMU struggled with Arkansas for a good bit of Saturday. Ignore all of this.

5. South Carolina
I'll probably have more to say on this game later, but a couple of things: First, Orlando remains one of the most blazing hot places on the face of the planet. And, second, Steve Spurrier needs to learn to at least try to run the ball when the back-up quarterback is spraying his passes all over the field.

6. Florida
We are now on our fourth president to take office since the last time Kentucky beat Florida. And three of those have won reelection. So, no, I'm not impressed with the win last Saturday.

7. Ole Miss
That's what happens when you go to Tuscaloosa after some idiot bloggers have spent a week questioning how good Alabama really is. Sorry about that.

8. Missouri
The Tigers are very quietly 4-0 right now. Of course, none of the FBS teams they've faced are better than .500 now, but undefeated is undefeated.

9. Auburn
A home game against Ole Miss sounds like about the right setting to give us an idea of how good this team really is.

10. Arkansas
Nice showing against Texas A&M. No, it doesn't make me forget all about that whole "loss at Rutgers" thing.

11. Vanderbilt
Hi, Vanderbilt fans. Glad you guys took a break from looking at FlightAware to read our site.

12. Mississippi State
The good news is that it's incredibly unlikely that Dan Mullen is in the running for the Southern Cal job.

13. Tennessee
Allowed South Alabama back in the game with 17 unanswered points in the second half. Not South Carolina or Alabama. South Alabama.

14. Kentucky
This isn't going to change unless there's a dysentery outbreak in another SEC team's locker room before the end of the season. And then it depends on which SEC team's locker room we're talking about.