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Texas A&M Defeats the Road, But What About Its Opponents? | SEC 2013

Texas A&M will take its home games at home, thank you very much. But they might finally learn what it means to play Vanderbilt

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This is an overview. Predictions come later.

8.31.13 | RICE
9.14.13 | ALABAMA
9.21.13 | SMU
9.28.13 | at ARKANSAS

For all the talk of how easy Alabama's schedule is -- well, even the Tide's September somewhat pales in comparison to this beauty, once you account for the fact that Alabama faces A&M while A&M faces Alabama. Outside of that is one team that you could call likely to go to a bowl, and that's Rice. An FCS team, Southern Methodist and a trip to Arkansas round out the first month. While that last game could be a bit tricky, particularly as the first time A&m will go on the road in 2013, anything less than 4-1 with a close loss to Alabama has to be seen as a massive disappointment. And, of course, the end of whatever hopes the Aggies had of playing for the national title. If Alabama blasts A&M in College Station, it's going to be very hard to get back into the conversation no matter what A&M does the rest of the year.

10.12.13 | at OLE MISS
10.19.13 | AUBURN
10.26.13 | VANDERBILT

This might be three of the toughest combined weeks on Texas A&M's schedule. Fans without a major game on that day, or at least with a game at another time, should go ahead and circle the 12th on their calendar -- two of the potentially better offenses in the SEC will meet up in a game that could approach 2010 Auburn-Arkansas in terms of POINTS! (Of course, Year2's rule of college football barn-burners tells us that the expectation of many points means it will be a defensive struggle.) Up next is a home game against Auburn, which could also be a pointpalooza if Gus Malzahn gets the Tigers offense humming, and an interesting match-up with Vanderbilt. This is the first time that the Aggies and the Commodores have met. Aggie fans: If you end up with a white-knuckle victory after outgaining Vanderbilt 500-300 and winning the turnover battle, you will see what other SEC teams have been dealing with for almost 80 years. If you lose, that's a whole other category of problem.

11.2.13 | UTEP
11.23.13 | at LSU
11.30.13 | at MISSOURI

If you haven't been keeping up very well, yes, A&M does get eight true home games this year. Yes, it is the only one of the top SEC West contenders to do that. It makes up for that, though, with a two-game road trip that includes a trip to Baton Rouge and the first time that the Aggies have played Missouri in Columbia in human history.* Before they get to that stretch, they get one more intrastate scrimmage with UTEP, also known as the team that used to employ Mike Price, and a home game against the Western Division Bulldogs. And just in case Mississippi State does push A&M or even pull what will likely be an upset, the Aggies have two weeks to get ready for the road swing.

*This might be an exaggeration, but only a slight one