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Stephen Garcia Has Thoughts on Johnny Manziel. Of Course He Does

Because, really, what would the Johnny Manziel meme be without a contribution from the last ruffian that Eric Hyman supervised

Streeter Lecka

There are so many, many differences between Johnny Manziel and Stephen Garcia. For one thing, Johnny Manziel won a Heisman and Stephen Garcia was full of potential that it still feels like he never quite put together. But one thing they had in common was a knack for getting in trouble -- real or imagined -- and a common disciplinarian in South Carolina-turned-Texas A&M athletics director Eric Hyman.

And that's how a person who appears to truly be Stephen Garcia on what appears to be a genuine Twitter account (he's not famous enough to be verified at this point, so one can never be too careful) decided to weigh in on the Manziel meme.

At this point, you have to wonder how much longer this story can go on. I believe the collision with the Stephen Garcia meme might lead to massive instability in the Johnny Manziel meme and cause it to collapse into a black hole. No -- no, Joe Schad, STAY AWAY FROM THAT ...

Tried to warn him.

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