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SEC Power Poll Ballot: This One's a Bit More Normal


1. Alabama
Before long, Alabama is going to become just like Boise State -- no one's going to agree to play them the first week of the season, regardless of how much money ESPN offers.

2. LSU
I bet it felt good to get past the 50-yard line. Even if was just against North Texas. Baby steps.

3. Arkansas
I was promised that JohnL Smith would slap himself in the face sooner or later.

4. Georgia
I feel like all the SEC East teams that won should simply say "They beat a team by less than they should have and thus showed that the race for the SEC East is still wide open."

5. South Carolina
Much like the Navy game last year, the history of this contest made it imperative for South Carolina simply to win the game in some way. Fortunately, the officials agreed with me.

6. Missouri
The only team in the SEC East that appears to have a fully functioning secondary. Who did they play again?

7. Tennessee
I'm still not quite sold on the Volunteers yet. But that was pretty impressive.

8. Auburn
There's a rather large distinction between almost beating Clemson at a neutral site and almost losing to Bowling Green at home.

9. Florida
Speaking of. On second thought, how about we not?

10. Mississippi State
Sure, why not?

11. Texas A&M
They did not play anyone. This is worth a lot more this week than it really should be.

12. Vanderbilt
The blind to South Carolina's one-eyed man.

13. Kentucky
Oh, Kentucky. Oh, Kentucky. I really can't think of anything else to say.

14. Ole Miss
Hugh, the good news is that you can still blame this on Houston Nutt and Tyrone Nix right now. The bad news is that you still have to fix something that was broken by Houston Nutt and Tyrone Nix. As you learned this week, they are masters of demolition.