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SEC Power Poll, Week 4: Tied

LSU stumbles and scrambles the picture at the top, while no one can decide who is the worst team.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 154 points (unanimous)
2. LSU Tigers, 138
3. Georgia Bulldogs, 134
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 122
5. Florida Gators, 112
6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 96
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 86
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 79
9. Missouri Tigers, 66
10. Auburn Tigers, 49
10. Mississippi Rebels, 49
12. Vanderbilt Commodores, 36
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 17
13. Kentucky Wildcats, 17

The consensus around everyone except Alabama is starting to break down a bit, largely because LSU's narrow win against Auburn has several voters pondering what to do with them. The Bayou Bengals dropped clear to four on a couple of ballots, with the Bulldogs and the Gamecocks moving past them. One more put Georgia at No. 2 and LSU at No. 3.

And the bottom is even more confused than the top, with our voters seeing few differences between Auburn and Ole Miss or Arkansas and Kentucky. Things might start shaking out a little more in the next few weeks, but the results so far have been a jumble.


Yardage the Crimson Tide has given up in each of its first four games: 269, 224, 137, 110. If this trend continues, they'll hold a team to negative net yardage by mid-October.--SB Nation Atlanta

Bama has beaten Western Kentucky, Arkansas, and Florida Atlantic by a combined 127-7 margin. I know it's just three straight wins over Sun Belt teams, but dang!--Dawg Sports


Losing to the mighty Warkawks... ok. But Rutgers? You lost to a bunch of Yankees from New Jersey? Unacceptable.--And the Valley Shook

When a nine-point loss to Rutgers represents your third most embarrassing home loss of the season, and there's still one weekend left to go in September, you're at the bottom of the barrel.--Dawg Sports


Just as Cam Newton gave Gene Chizik job security on the plains, Keihl Frazier will slowly dismantle it.--Red Cup Rebellion

Doesn't exactly bode well that a two-point loss is as excited as anybody's been about this team all season.--SBN Atlanta


Jeff Driskel is becoming a legitimate quarterback, and the Gators look to have a legitimate offense. With that defense, they could become the favorite in the East.--College and Magnolia

Kentucky called. They apologize. Whatever it is they did, they are truly sorry.--And the Valley Shook


The Dawgs throttled Vandy, rolling up more than 500 yards of offense in the process. It's easy to make fun of Georgia's schedule, but maybe Mark Richt's team really is elite.--College and Magnolia

The 45-point beatdown they handed Vanderbilt was worse than Vandy's last seven losses combined.--SBN Atlanta


Morgan Newton's passer rating against Florida: 23.96. Funny, I thought it would be lower.--Get the Picture

Some teams run to set up the pass; Kentucky passes to set up the punt.--SBN Atlanta


LSU looked downright beatable on Saturday. And by that I don't mean "just by Nick Saban coached teams" either.--Red Cup Rebellion

No business being in a tight game with Auburn.--Anchor of Gold


Mr. Freeze is 3-1 and averaging 36.8 points per game. If Ole Miss had any defense at all, the Rebels would be a contender to win nine games.--College and Magnolia

Is there a worse 3-1 team in the nation?--Georgia Sports Blog


So, what team is the real Mississippi State, the one's that pantsed Auburn or the one that struggled to beat Troy? We probably won't know for a couple of more weeks.--Georgia Sports Blog

I still can't shake the feeling that Dan Mullen's team is meh-and-oh.--Dawg Sports


Are we ready to say it was definitely the Big 12 defenses?--Georgia Sports Blog

We appreciate the way y'all are trying to be hospitable, really, but politesse doesn't requite you to lose every conference game by three touchdowns.--Dawg Sports


The defense hasn't missed a beat without Ellis Johnson.--Get the Picture

The Gamecocks went into a potential trap game and easily handled Missouri. Still, Marcus Lattimore doesn't look 100 percent, and if Connor Shaw suffers another injury, it could derail Carolina against Georgia and Florida.--College and Magnolia


After four opponents that haven't exactly constituted a murderer's row of offenses, the Vols are allowing nearly 400 yards a game. And they haven't played Georgia, Alabama or South Carolina yet. Never said the transition to a 3-4 was gonna be easy, fellas.--SBN Atlanta

Didn't lose to a MAC team, so they were crowned Big Ten champions.--And the Valley Shook


Ags ain't scoring 70 against SEC D.--Anchor of Gold

Let's be honest: We don't really know how good A&M is. The Aggies scored 17 against Florida but have averaged 59 against SMU and South Carolina State.--College and Magnolia


After coming into the season with raised expectations, the 'Dores need to get it in gear if they want to make a bowl. A win at Missouri this weekend would be a big step in the right direction.--College and Magnolia

Outscored 88-29 so far this year by FBS competition. Hard to put a happy face on that no matter how plucky they are.--SBN Atlanta