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SEC Power Poll, Week 3: Tiering


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 154 points (unanimous)
2. LSU Tigers, 143
3. Georgia Bulldogs, 131
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 121
5. Florida Gators, 111
6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 91
7. Missouri Tigers, 87
8. Texas A&M Aggies, 78
9. Tennessee Volunteers, 74
10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 46
11. Mississippi Rebels, 41
12. Auburn Tigers, 38
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 25
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 15

Once again, we got some very consensus-like voting patterns. Alabama and LSU were 1-2 on every ballot. Georgia was No. 3 on all but one ballot (a Georgia fan), South Carolina was No. 3 on one ballot (same Georgia fan) and No. 5 on another, but otherwise always showed up fourth; Florida got the other No. 4 vote but was at the five-spot on every other ballot. After that, the hivemind broke down a little bit.

One other observation is that we're starting to see the beginning of the tiering that we'll likely see more of as the season progresses. The voters seem to agree that their are five good teams, then there's a sizable gap between the next several okay teams, and then there's a rather noticeable drop-off between Tennessee and Vanderbilt, which leads the five not-so-okay teams.



Only Nick Saban could make delivering a 52-point beatdown to a division archrival look as routine and businesslike as going down to the 7-Eleven for a gallon of milk.--SB Nation Atlanta

Someone will have to tell Saban that the Arkansas game is over. He just called for a blitz on Brandon Allen again.--Georgia Sports Blog


Blame game instead of football.--Leftover Hot Dog

How does it feel to have been highly ranked, and have Western Kentucky show more against the Tide than you?--A Sea of Blue


With the win, the Tigers move into a first place tie in the Sun Belt.--Get the Picture

There are worse things than beating Louisiana-Monroe in overtime. Just ask Arkansas.--Dawg Sports


When do we start saying the Gators are for real? Two SEC road wins is pretty darn impressive.--And the Valley Shook

Two road wins in their toughest road games until November have Corrine Brown looking for ways to mispronounce Muschamp.--Georgia Sports Blog


A disinterested defense, no Jarvis Jones and the Dawgs still win by more than five touchdowns.--Get the Picture

Does Mark Richt lose control of the Bulldogs this weekend, perchance?--Anchor of Gold


Losing to an in-state directional school isn't a nail in Joker Phillips coffin, it's more like flowers on the grave.--A Sea of Blue

Are you ready to see John Calipari and Bobby Petrino coaching at the same school? Because I know I am!--Dawg Sports


I'm willing to bet most LSU fans have already forgotten Tyrann Mathieu's name. Granted, with most of them it's because they're blackout drunk, but still.--SBN Atlanta

Whatever. We all know the Bayou Bengals are just ducking Louisiana-Monroe.--Dawg Sports


Their offense could make a few games interesting this season; their defense will ensure that any suspense is short-lived.--SBN Atlanta

Glad to see Hugh Freeze's squad holding Texas under 70 points.--Georgia Sports Blog


Mississippi State gets a huge break avoiding UL-Monroe in the Sun Belt conference race this season.--Georgia Sports Blog

Maybe it was Auburn's offense, not MSU's defense, that made the Dawgs look good. Troy made them look pretty bad.--A Sea of Blue


A nice bounce-back win over a BCS-conference team that's looked pretty good up to now -- and with their backup QB, no less. I doubt they're gonna want to attempt an entire SEC season without James Franklin, though.--SBN Atlanta

Battle of Columbia will determine what kind of team this is.--Leftover Hot Dog


Arkansas is a shell of its former self and the ‘Cocks have a fledgling quarterback controversy. It's been a good week for the OBC.--Get the Picture

Steve Spurrier has a brewing quarterback controversy on his hands. So basically this season is turning out exactly like he wanted it.--SBN Atlanta


Looked like a legitimate contender. And then the second half happened.--And the Valley Shook

You know when your best pass is caught by your coach out of bounds, you aren't having a good game.--Georgia Sports Blog


Don't know what to make of this team yet, and won't know for a couple of weeks.--A Sea of Blue

Finally! Payback for letting the Mustangs outbid them for Eric Dickerson!--Dawg Sports


Got a win. Next up, a win over a FBS team.--And the Valley Shook

Zac Stacy had over 100 yards rushing after his second carry...--Anchor of Gold