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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 2


1. Alabama
Nick Saban was sort of right about this Western Kentucky thing: They might actually have been a more difficult opponent than the one the Tide faces this week.

2. LSU
So, this is what the Tigers look like when they actually have a quarterback.

3. Georgia
The bad news: South Carolina's schedule doesn't look quite as intimidating now. The good news: The Gamecocks can't plausibly argue that Arkansas is harder than Ole Miss right now.

4. South Carolina
East Carolina used to be the kind of foe that South Carolina would slop around with for three quarters before pulling out a 23-13 win. So this is progress.

5. Tennessee
We still have very little idea of how good the Volunteers really are, but they looked pretty good last week, and one impressive games counts for something in this year's SEC East.

6. Mississippi State
Congratulations, Dan Mullen. You finally have a sporting chance at fourth in the division.

7. Florida
Struggling with Texas A&M is marginally better than struggling with Bowling Green. Marginally.

8. Missouri
They are ready for the SEC after all. At least, for getting to the BBVA Compass Bowl.

9. Texas A&M
I'm starting to wonder if they tell the A&M players every week, "There actually won't be a second half in this game," and then surprise them after the first half is over.

10. Auburn
It turns out Gene Chizik was Mr. 5-19 after all.

11. Vanderbilt
Obviously, my optimism about James Franklin (VU) was misplaced.

12. Kentucky
At least this game against Kent State was over before midnight.

13. Ole Miss
Hey! They actually aren't in the cellar for a change!

14. Arkansas
You're dead to me.