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Sprints Mourns O.J. Murdock and Hopes for Changes // 07.31.12

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It still gets a little sadder each time.
It still gets a little sadder each time.

30 Days Until SEC Football

O.J. Murdock (1987-2012)
We don't know that Murdock shot himself because of concussions. For now, at least, we can avoid dealing with that tragedy and just deal with the very real tragedy that's in front of us. One heartbreak at a time.

Because it's sad enough that this happened, and it's sad no matter what the reason ends up being. But it somehow seems to be even sadder if it's because of football, because of the sport that we love and that O.J. Murdock loved.

It doesn't bring him back if Murdock made this tragic decision because of some other issue, some pain that had nothing to do with football -- but at least it would add one fewer name to the death toll that is increasingly being tied to the sport.

I know this: I still love football, but I'm getting incredibly tired of writing these posts. So if you want to know why I'm sick of macho ESPN analysts decrying the weakening of the game, or why I have no problems with the strong penalties facing the New Orleans Saints, or why I agree with Greg Schiano on getting rid of kickoffs -- this is why.

I don't want to have to write another one of these items again, and I really don't want to have to write another one of these items because of football concussions. But I realize there's almost no chance that that wish will be fulfilled.

It turns out the beveled "T" was the least of the changes
So Reveille has been turned into a bulldog, apparently. Because Missouri couldn't be the only Big 12 school joining the conference to add to the mascot confusion.

I hope they celebrated with a barbecue at his place
Bruce Pearl will be college-basketball analyst for ESPN.

This is almost like a bad comedy
Sure, we know that police sometimes are a little bit easier on football players than on the rest of us. But the one that stopped Michael Dyer for doing 26 miles over the speed limit, then found weed and gun in the vehicle, was particularly accommodating.

"What if I talk to (coach) Gus Malzahn, or however you say his name?" Denney asks at one point. "I really don't want to tell him about this because of the NCAA crap. I know there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind closed doors between coaches and players. I'm still in a predicament, even if I talk to coach."

The entire article makes one thing clear: This state trooper didn't just go easy on Dyer, he crossed into territory that could easily be described as acting as a co-conspirator. "What about the weed?" What about the law?

How adorable
The Big East wants to set up its own Champions Bowl with -- um, someone? And that's not all that the league is looking for.

The conference is seeking a commissioner, a new television deal and a place for its champion after essentially losing its place as an automatic qualifier with the new postseason format.

But they have Boise State now. So everything should be fine.