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Stephen Garcia Resurfaces

The epic tale of Stephen Garcia will be one told for many generations, so it's good to hear that it's not quite done yet.

Garcia, of course, seemed to be the quarterback given to Steve Spurrier to deflate his ego after the incredible run of quarterbacks he coached up at Florida for a dozen years. Garcia was talented, yet inconsistent. He'd make a play that few others can make right before tossing a boneheaded interception. He'd use his scrambling ability to get out of a sack, at which point he'd decide it was a running ability and start giving up on passing plays too early. He looked like he got his act together in 2010, especially in his brilliant game that ended Alabama's winning streak. Then he got in trouble for alcohol yet again in the offseason and got himself kicked off the team last October.

Garcia is now trying to find his way into the NFL, and in an interview with, he says he's gotten his life back in order. He talks candidly about his relationship with alcohol and his regrets about battling with Spurrier at South Carolina. He says that Spurrier is letting him participate in the Gamecocks' pro day, which is a nice gesture by the coach and school.

Whether he'll get a chance in the NFL is still uncertain, but Garcia said in the interview that he's talked to scouts from several teams. He only named the Atlanta Falcons, apparently, but it's understandable that teams might be interested. He's got the build to be a pro quarterback, his arm is plenty strong, and he's got the mobility that most NFL teams are looking for these days.

The NFL has taken in players with histories more checkered than Garcia's, so it's not out of the question that someone gives him a shot. I just hope that no matter what happens with his pro football opportunities that he really does have his life straightened out.