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SEC Power Poll, Week 10: Turnout

We didn't get as many votes as we generally do in this week's SEC Power Poll -- but even so, it's clear to that the SEC's front-runners and cellar are firmly established

Matthew Stockman

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 112 (unanimous)
2. LSU Tigers, 101
3. Georgia Bulldogs, 98
4. Florida Gators, 89
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 79
6. Texas A&M Aggies, 72
7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 64
8. Mississippi Rebels, 52
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 52
10. Arkansas Razorbacks, 38
11. Missouri Tigers, 31
12. Tennessee Volunteers, 28
13. Auburn Tigers, 16
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 8

We had one of our lowest turnouts of the year, for whatever reason. Perhaps it's the real election -- or maybe voters are just plain bored with parts of the season, with the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 14 teams being literally unchanged from our first poll of the season. There's been a lot of movement in between those spots, to be certain. But the best and the worst are pretty much who we thought they were.

Texas A&M is very, very close to catching up with South Carolina at this point, and Ole Miss and Vanderbilt head into their match-up this weekend deadlocked. And the final indignity for Joker Phillips: He exits from a program that was unanimously chosen as the worst in the league.


A thrilling comeback win in Death Valley may obscure the question of what a career game for Zach Mettenberger means.--Get the Picture

Anyone thinking Alabama isn't the best team in the country has never been to Tiger Stadium after dark. Quite an impressive win, especially coming from behind.--Georgia Sports Blog


I'll give the Hogs credit. Tulsa's a good team. Beating them is a good sign.--Red Cup Rebellion

The four teams they've beaten are a combined 15-22. The three teams they have left on their schedule are each 7-2. Hope nobody put any money on the Razorbacks making a surprise run at bowl eligibility.--SB Nation Atlanta


Say what you will about this team, but they're undefeated in the WAC.--SBN Atlanta

What will Auburn do with Chizik after a likely 3-win season? Can you say, "Petrino on the Plains?" boys and girls? I knew you could.--A Sea of Blue


Made the Missouri game much closer than it need to be because of the inability to do that new fangled passing stuff.--Georgia Sports Blog

Basically a national-title-caliber defense that's having to carry a BBVA Compass Bowl offense.--SBN Atlanta


The defense everyone expected to see at the beginning of the season has finally shown up. Which means the Dawgs will go as far as their offensive line takes them.--Get the Picture

If you only watched the second halves of Georgia's games this season, you'd think they were capable of beating Alabama in the SEC title game.--SBN Atlanta


Go ahead and erase the 2012 UK football from your memory.--Leftover Hot Dog

As final straws go, a 40-0 loss to Vanderbilt is as good as any.--Get the Picture


Give Les Miles credit for coming up with a terrific game plan, or blame him for taking a series of ill-advised gambles that failed to pay off? Yes to both.--Get the Picture

Putting together their finest offensive performance of the year against the nation's toughest defense might have been the most Les Miles thing Les Miles has ever done.--SBN Atlanta


Like their in-state arch-rivals, the Rebels are hitting the "rude awakening" portion of their schedule.--SBN Atlanta

Two excellent chances for their sixth win left.--A Sea of Blue


Coach Mullen, it's not that you did a poor job of preparing your team. It's that your team wasn't that good to start with.--Get the Picture

Could be in the middle of a four-game losing streak.--A Sea of Blue


Remains to be seen what impact losing Lattimore has on the Gamecocks. Might not matter for a couple of weeks, but that Clemson game sure looms large.--Get the Picture

Will the injury to Lattimore resurrect the patented Gamecock Late Season Fade (TM)?--A Sea of Blue


Tennessee is probably the best team in the Sun the state of Tennessee. Wait, is Middle Tennessee in the Sun Belt?--Georgia Sports Blog

Haven't held anyone under 30 points since Akron on Sept. 22. On the bright side, they've held every opponent this season under 800 yards of total offense. --SBN Atlanta


Give the Aggies their due. A very impressive run has them all but locked up for the Cotton Bowl.--Georgia Sports Blog

Johnny Football is a very scary player.--A Sea of Blue


Ole Miss and Vanderbilt will be fighting for bowl eligibility this Saturday. Seriously, this should be a fun, competitive game.--Red Cup Rebellion

I'm not saying Mitch Barnhart is calling a coach from Nashville about the job open in Lexington, but he probably should.--Georgia Sports Blog