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SEC Power Poll Ballot Finally Sorts Things Out

How does the SEC stack up in C&F's eyes after the latest weekend

Matthew Stockman

1. Alabama
Sure, Les Miles would have given A.J. McCarron a run for his money in the MVP voting last week. But anyone who beats LSU at Death Valley at night gets some credit.

2. LSU
This is a completely different team than the one that lost to Florida in the Swamp. Too bad that different team is still not better than Alabama.

3. Georgia
4. Florida
5. South Carolina

Grouped these together to explain how I broke the logjam. Just like LSU looks like a much better team than the one that last to Florida, Florida looks like a much worse team than the one that beat LSU, so I don't have a problem putting them here. But even that team was able to beat South Carolina pretty soundly. The Gamecocks being two spots behind Georgia still gives me some heartburn, but there's going to be one or two of those in this pack. If Georgia plays Alabama tougher than LSU, they'll move up.

6. Texas A&M
Old CW: The Aggies' offense will never work in the SEC. New CW: Man, Kentucky would be luck to get the Aggies' offensive coordinator for their head coaching vacancy.

7. Mississippi State
Yep, that 7-0 record was totally legit. No reason at all to think that it was overinflated by the schedule.

8. Ole Miss
They got clobbered by Georgia, but it seems like every game in the SEC is either a nailbiter or a blowout. Doesn't anybody lose by 10 anymore?

9. Vanderbilt
Back-to-back bowls at Vanderbilt is pretty impressive as long as you intend to make a habit of it.

10. Arkansas
I sort of saw a close game with Tulsa coming, but it just looks so much worse when it actually happens.

11. Missouri
They would have gotten credit for only losing to Florida by seven if they hadn't done so many things to make sure they lost to Florida by seven.

12. Tennessee
If I had told you before last season that one of the two SEC head coaches from the state of Tennessee would be on track to go to back-to-back bowls and the other would be on track to get fired, how many of you honestly would have thought the former would be James Franklin and the latter would be Derek Dooley?

13. Auburn
Well, Bobby Lowder is no longer on the board of trustees, so Gene Chizik has got that much going for him.

14. Kentucky
Out of respect for a good guy in Joker Phillips, I'll refrain from any comments.