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SEC Power Poll, Week 13: Headless

We've still got four teams getting first-place votes and at least one unexpected visitor in the top half. Oh, and guess where all four teams that are searching for head coaches can be found


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 135 points (6 first-place votes)
2. Georgia Bulldogs, 124 (2)
3. Florida Gators, 119 (1)
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 116 (1)
5. LSU Tigers, 102
6. South Carolina Gamecocks, 94
7. Vanderbilt Commodores, 77
8. Mississippi Rebels, 68
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 64
10. Missouri Tigers, 47
11. Arkansas Razorbacks, 39
12. Tennessee Volunteers, 34
13. Auburn Tigers, 19
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 12

There's still quite a bit of static here as far as who is No. 1, though things should clarify at least a bit between the eight Alabama and Georgia voters when the two teams do, after all, play on a neutral field. A convincing win could also sway the other voters. I will say as the lone Texas A&M voter that a convincing win in Atlanta would probably cause my vote to go to the SEC Champion.

Vanderbilt is already in the top half of the conference and could make a run at getting even higher if South Carolina implodes in its bowl game and the Commodores do well. Ole Miss has also moved up after downing Mississippi State, and the four teams without a head coach are the four teams at the bottom of the SEC. We're sure that's a coincidence.



The surest bet about last week's games was that Alabama was going to beat Auburn by a greater margin than Georgia did.--Get the Picture

You won't often hear this about a 49-0 dismantling, or about Nick Saban in general, but only beating this year's Auburn by seven TDs was an act of remarkable charity.--SB Nation Atlanta


Of the schools looking to hire a new head coach in the Southeastern Conference, I for some reason expect Arkansas to come out on top.--Red Cup Rebellion

It's one thing to lose, it's another thing to lose because your lame duck coach repeatedly made gutless decision. The players deserved better.--And the Valley Shook


Program in disarray, AD almost assuredly on the way out, an ongoing NCAA investigation, and oh yeah, you've got to compete with Nick Saban 365 days out of the year. If you're Charlie Strong or Kirby Smart, can you really look at this job as your ticket to the big time?--SBN Atlanta

Gene Chizik has the incredible distinction of being the man who led Auburn to its best and worst season in decades.--College and Magnolia


There is no team in the country with a better resume. No one. The playoff system is coming a few years too late. They are getting absolutely screwed.--And the Valley Shook

Using games against SEC teams as a measuring stick, I am forced to conclude that the Sun Belt is a better conference than the ACC.--Dawg Sports


It is shocking that the two of the top six SEC teams which didn't have a difficult cross-divisional game are playing in the SECCG. The schedule makers are the MVP's of the SEC.--And the Valley Shook

Impartial observers should be rooting for the ‘Dawgs to win on Saturday. After all, Georgia's the team whose all-time winningest coach could beat Notre Dame.--Dawg Sports


As bad as it looks for Auburn, Kentucky would trade places in a heartbeat.--Get the Picture

Has the SEC's best OOC win against OMG KENTSTATEFLASHESBCSBUSTERSBABY!1!. That has to mean something.--Georgia Sports Blog


Thought they could sleep walk through their last three games. And proven right.--And the Valley Shook

The Bayou Bengals limped across the finish line, surviving scares due to superior talent rather than out-playing or out-coaching the opposition. In recent weeks, by far the most exciting aspect of Louisiana State football has been Les Miles's postgame press conference.--Dawg Sports


Two relatively short-lived windows closed on Saturday: Mississippi State's window of in-state superiority, and the period during which the rest of the conference could count the Rebels as a gimme win.--SBN Atlanta

Winning the Egg Bowl to get bowl eligible is a good start, but remember David Cutcliffe was fired for being competent at merely winning the last game of the regular season.--Georgia Sports Blog


It's bad enough that Dan Mullen doesn't appear to be any closer to breaking through to the top echelon of the SEC West, worse still that now he's got to worry about Ole Miss again, too.--SBN Atlanta

This is the worst 8-4 AQ-conference team in the country. Well, outside of the ACC, the Big East, or the Big Ten, at least.--Dawg Sports


Where would you like to have that warmest seat in the SEC delivered to, Coach Pinkel?--Get the Picture

The same old Big 12 offense and defense proved to not work in the SEC. That might be the epitaph of Gary Pinkel's career.--Georgia Sports Blog


It's got to be killing Steve Spurrier that he's beaten Georgia three years in a row, and not only have the Dawgs won the SEC East two of those times anyway, now they've got a shot at a national title. Nothing else to point out about that, other than the fact I find it hilarious.--SBN Atlanta

There was a time when the Garnet and Black would lose a key player or two to injury and go into the tank as a result. That time is past.--Dawg Sports


The Vols get their first conference win of the season. Assuming you count Kentucky as a conference team, that is.--Get the Picture

Mike Gundy has to be the leading candidate just because he can keep most of the same wardrobe.--And the Valley Shook


A middle of the pack Big 12 team showed the SEC's weakness by storming to a 3rd place finish in the Western division.--And the Valley Shook

Kevin Sumlin should be coach of the year and it isn't close. First year at a new program. New QB. New program in the SEC. National recognition. Oh, by coach of the year, I meant national coach of the year.--Georgia Sports Blog


Say it to yourself that Vandy owns the State of Tennessee.--Leftover Hot Dog

AND they will get better jobs than the rest of us? No fair.--And the Valley Shook