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SEC Power Poll, Week 12: Scrambled

No fewer than four teams get first-place votes this week, and there's one spot that's decided by a single point. Meanwhile, SEC bloggers try to figure out whether Auburn or Kentucky is worse

Kevin C. Cox

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 149 points (7 first-place votes)
2. Georgia Bulldogs, 140 (2)
3. Texas A&M Aggies, 131 (1)
4. LSU Tigers, 125 (1)
5. Florida Gators, 114
6. South Carolina Gamecocks, 100
7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 83
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 82
9. Mississippi Rebels, 65
10. Missouri Tigers, 54
11. Arkansas Razorbacks, 46
12. Tennessee Volunteers, 29
13. Auburn Tigers, 22.5
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 14.5

Alabama might be back in the driver's seat in the race for a spot in the BCS National Championship Game, but there appear to be cracks in the preseason consensus that they are the most powerful team in the SEC. Almost a third of the teams in the conference got a first-place vote.

Elsewhere, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt are in a pitched battle for a spot in the top half of the conference. If you thought that would be the case at the beginning of the season -- I'm not even going to finish that sentence, because no one thought that would be the case at the beginning of the season. And one of our voters gave both Auburn and Kentucky a first-place vote because he could figure out the difference, and I for one can't blame him.



Silly BCS ... Saban planned it this way.--Leftover Hot Dog

Over-Under on when Saban pulls his starters: Last whistle.--Georgia Sports Blog


To think John L. Smith started the week believing he had a chance to return next season. He sure has a strange way of making a case to keep his job.--Get the Picture

If they thought the season was disappointing, wait until the coaching search gets going.--And the Valley Shook


Just close your eyes, Auburn fans. Just three more hours of painful, soul-crushing embarrassment and this nightmare will all be over.--SB Nation Atlanta

With the way their season has gone, the fact that the trees did not go up in flames was a complete upset.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


If I had a say, I'd give Muschamp SEC Coach of the Year. A lot of their wins have been ugly, but they've been wins nonetheless.--Red Cup Rebellion

Needing defensive scores to beat Sun Belt teams isn't the kind of thing that gets you success against ACC division champions. Probably.--Georgia Sports Blog


Won their last four games by a total score of 137-33, and yes, that includes a couple scrubs, but it also includes victories over actual football teams such as Ole Miss and Florida. Could it be that, rather than just rising to the top of what everyone thought would be a meh SEC East race this year, the Dawgs have finally evolved into the elite team everybody's been waiting for since the end of 2007?--SBN Atlanta

The most underwhelming one loss team in the nation not playing in the MAC.--And the Valley Shook


I do want the rumors involving Kentucky and Tommy Tuberville to be true. I'd love to see Tubs back in the conference.--Red Cup Rebellion

The Wildcats' upcoming game against the Volunteers may be one of the saddest SEC games on record.--College and Magnolia


It shouldn't have taken LSU so long to take care of Ole Miss, but America thanks them.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Some teams play for more style points. Louisiana State plays for Les Miles points.--Dawg Sports


Both Houston Nutt and Dan Mullen were able to pull off Egg Bowl victories in their first seasons at their respective schools. Hugh Freeze has a fighting chance of making it three first-year coaches in a row.--SBN Atlanta

These guys have become masters at losing a game in the last two minutes.--Get the Picture


Dan Mullen's signature achievement may be bringing MSU football to a point where an eight- or nine-win season can still feel like a disappointment.--SBN Atlanta

With victories in the Egg Bowl and a bowl game, the Bulldogs can get to 10 wins in what seems like forever.--College and Magnolia


Blowing a fourth-quarter lead against a mediocre Big East opponent in a game you needed for bowl eligibility isn't the best recipe for coaching longevity, Gary Pinkel.--Get the Picture

Has anyone checked into the refund policy on Big 12 teams?--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


The Clemson game looms as possible BCS play in game. The winner looks to be a strong candidate for at-large payday. The loser looks to be headed to the CFA bowl.--Georgia Sports Blog

The most depressing two loss team in the nation.--And the Valley Shook


This proves that even orange pants cannot save you.--Leftover Hot Dog

It is a bit unfair to not give Dooley the chance to be the first Tennessee coach since Bill Battle to lose to Kentucky in back to back years, don't you think?--Georgia Sports Blog


Based on all the poll projections I'm reading, best-case scenario for the Ags is an at-large BCS bid, worst-case is getting to watch Johnny Manziel carve up the Texas defense in the Cotton Bowl. Not a bad pair of travel options.--SBN Atlanta

Two things we know ... A&M football is SEC built and Johnny Football cannot kick PATs.--Leftover Hot Dog


The Commodores have five SEC wins for the first time since 1935. What's more astonishing: that Vanderbilt has five SEC wins, or that a team could go nearly eighty years without five wins in conference play?--College and Magnolia

I don't know if there's been a culture change in Nashville, but James Franklin has darned sure produced a culture change in Knoxville.--Dawg Sports