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The SEC Power Poll Ballot Has a New No. 1

There's a new team atop the SEC Power Poll ballot this week. It's not one anybody would have put there before the season started

Mike Zarrilli

1. Texas A&M
If you beat No. 1, you get to be No. 1 for a week. The way they're playing right now, the Aggies could probably defeat just about any team on a neutral field, which is why Florida and LSU should be glad they got to play A&M earlier.

2. Alabama
Pray for Western Carolina.

3. LSU
What do you know, it looks like this Zach Mettenberger guy can play football after all. If only he had been able to do that the first month or two of the season ...

4. Georgia
How much would they like to have that South Carolina game back right now?

5. Florida
Getting really skittish about this. Sure, they beat South Carolina by 33 points a few weeks ago -- but man, they've looked almost as bad as the Zook-era Florida teams since then.

6. South Carolina
This might be the only conference in America where South Carolina would be only the sixth-best team. But that's life.

7. Mississippi State
Listen, it's not that nine wins aren't a great milestone for your program. And I realize that the last three weeks have been against three very good teams. But if you're going to win the SEC West, you have to win against very good teams.

8. Vanderbilt
I've been one of the most consistent fans of James Franklin (VU). But if you would have told me Vanderbilt would win eight games this year, I don't think I would have believed you. They just might.

9. Ole Miss
This is the surprise team of the SEC this season. The fact that they've still got even a sliver of a chance for a bowl bid in mid-November is proof that Hugh Freeze is worth whatever they're paying him -- and probably more.

10. Missouri
The Syracuse game is probably all or nothing for the Tigers at this point, unless you want to think that they can go to College Station and get the bowl-clinching win.

11. Tennessee
I'm sure there's a World War II metaphor that would describe the season in Knoxville this year. I'm leaning towards Hiroshima.

12. Arkansas
They'll always have the 42-point win over Kentucky.

13. Auburn
This might be the only conference in America where Auburn would be only the second-worst team. But that's Kentucky.

14. Kentucky
This might have been their best week of the season. It was the bye week.