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SEC Power Poll, Week 6: Scatter

Alabama is still No. 1, but the SEC East leaders are moving up and Arkansas is no longer No. 14. Or even No. 13.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 125 points (8 first-place votes)
2. South Carolina Gamecocks, 117 (1)
3. Florida Gators, 109
4. LSU Tigers, 95
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 88.5
6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 80
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 77.5
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 60
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 51
10. Mississippi Rebels, 47
11. Arkansas Razorbacks, 33
12. Missouri Tigers, 31
13. Kentucky Wildcats, 17
14. Auburn Tigers, 14

Well, well -- what a difference a weekend makes. The remarkable stability that had taken over the SEC Power Poll for the first part of the season was shattered by South Carolina's beatdown of Georgia and Florida's upset of LSU. South Carolina becomes the first team not named "LSU" or "Alabama" to get a first-place vote that I can find since at least early last season. Before you ask -- no, it wasn't one of our South Carolina voters who put the Gamecocks at No. 1.

The rest of the poll is also filled with the fallout. LSU drops to fourth, Mississippi State is within striking distance of fifth, and Arkansas has finally moved out of the basement after its first SEC win of the season. Welcome to front-runner status for the Worst of the Best Award Auburn. What? No, Gene Chizik, you don't get a trophy for that.



Wait a minute -- the Tide doesn't play Florida or South Carolina in the regular season? Hmm...--Get the Picture

I would not want to be the next team on their schedule, as Bama needs to score some style points.--And the Valley Shook


Interesting game from the Hogs. Was it just Auburn, or has this team gotten back on track. No one with Arkansas still on the schedule wanted to see this.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Well, congrats, Hogs. Against Auburn, you looked like a real, live team.--College and Magnolia


Have Auburn fans ever been waiting for basketball to start? They might be this year. --For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

You know that rhetorical question you ask fans about whether they'd trade a national title for a few years in the wilderness? It's not so rhetorical now. --Get the Picture


Got the break of playing LSU when the rest of the world thought the Tigers were immortal.--Georgia Sports Blog

Looking for a way to simply start games at halftime, down by a score. --And the Valley Shook


On track for the least satisfying ten-win season in the history of college football.--Get the Picture

There's a reason everyone always doubts that Georgia is ever "for real."--And the Valley Shook


What kind of year is Kentucky having? They burn Towels redshirt, only to see him get injured.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Go ahead and say "nevermind" when discussing UK football.--Leftover Hot Dog


Okay, so we know that Zach Mettenberger isn't the next Cam Newton. The Tigers had better hope he's not the next Brent Schaeffer, either.--Get the Picture

LSU is in the bottom half of the conference in every major offensive statistical category outside of rushing offense, in which they're 5th.--Red Cup Rebellion


Tough, tough loss. Still, this team continues to show far more signs of life than it ever did last year.--Get the Picture

The worst 0-2 team in the conference.--Georgia Sports Blog


One more win and they can go ahead and book hotels in Shreveport.--Georgia Sports Blog

Mullen is quietly becoming the second best team in the west.--Leftover Hot Dog


The best 0-3 team in the conference.--Georgia Sports Blog

The worst debut performance since the Titanic.--And the Valley Shook


And now we know why Steve Spurrier was so jovial during SEC Media Days. The defense is allowing 10.5 points per game, and Marcus Lattimore looked like his old workhorse self against Georgia. This team is a national title contender.--College and Magnolia

The team with the best offensive and defensive players in the conference as well as the SEC's greatest coach since Bear Bryant, please step forward. Not so fast, Alabama.--And the Valley Shook


This weekend will tell us a lot about both Tennessee and Mississippi State.--Red Cup Rebellion

Imagine how good they'd be with LSU's defense. Or how terrible with LSU's offense.--And the Valley Shook


Good news: A top 25 match up this week. Bad news: They are likely to lose to Louisiana Tech.--Georgia Sports Blog

Johnny Manziel may be, as a redshirt freshman, the best all-around offensive player in the SEC.--Red Cup Rebellion


Well, it is not the season Vanderbilt expected, but they proved that the new kids in the East have a bit of a way to go still.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Finally got that conference road win, even if it was ugly as all get out.--Get the Picture