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SEC Power Poll, Week 5: Bookends

The rankings are a little bit scrambled as we wait for a weekend of huge games to shake things out.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 140 points (unanimous)
2. Georgia Bulldogs, 121
3. South Carolina Gamecocks, 116
4. LSU Tigers, 114
5. Florida Gators, 109
6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 85
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 84
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 71
9. Missouri Tigers, 57
10. Mississippi Rebels, 49
11. Auburn Tigers, 40
12. Vanderbilt Commodores, 34
13. Kentucky Wildcats, 20
14. Arkansas Razorbacks, 10

There are three unanimous teams in the poll this week: Alabama at No. 1, Kentucky at No. 13 and Arkansas at No. 14. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess. Consider that the difference between Georgia at No. 2 and LSU at No. 4 is less than a point per ballot; the Dawgs have an average 1.2-point lead on Florida.

The most interesting knot might be the Mississippi State-Texas A&M-Tennessee axis. Very few expected to see those teams, with the possible exception of Tennessee, to be jockeying around the middle of the SEC. That's what makes college football the most exciting football around.



Never looked particularly great against Ole Miss but never really left the outcome in doubt, either, even for the 15 seconds when they were trailing. We seem to have reached that point we've reached in so many recent Alabama seasons where the Crimson Tide's most formidable opponent is their own indifference.--SB Nation Atlanta

At Ole Miss, they redshirt Miss Americas. At Alabama, they greyshirt Super Bowl MVPs.--Dawg Sports


I've seen this before, and I know what this is. Arkansas has simply given up.--Red Cup Rebellion

Just 300 days or so until next season starts.--And the Valley Shook


Even Kiehl Frazier should be functional this week, as Arkansas comes to the Plains.--Get the Picture

The schedule sets up for them to earn another bowl invite without too much trouble, but I hope they like Memphis or Shreveport.--SBN Atlanta


After a lackadaisical performance by South Carolina against Kentucky and Georgia's bizarre defensive struggles with Tennessee, the Gators may have eased into the SEC East driver's seat by default.--SBN Atlanta

Florida leads the nation in bye week love.--Georgia Sports Blog


It sure was nice of the Bulldogs to keep slowing down to let Tennessee back in the game.--And the Valley Shook

The ‘Dawgs are lucky they have Mike Bobo's offense to rely on until Todd Grantham's defense gets its act together. The world now officially makes no sense whatsoever.--Dawg Sports


This is Kentucky football: with a minute to go in the first half, the ‘Cats have the ball on the South Carolina ten -- and can't even get off a field goal attempt before the clock expires.--Get the Picture

Not even good enough to give USCe their annual scare.--And the Valley Shook


Another mailed in effort. The problem with sleepwalking through multiple games is that you run the risk of not waking up in time.--Get the Picture

If the LSU team of the last two weeks is the real LSU they could finish with three losses.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


It's a shame that this team is already so hamstrung by injuries at quarterback and on the O-line, because they'd stand a chance of shaking up the East otherwise.--SBN Atlanta

Seasons like this is why Gary Pinkel drinks out of big wine glasses.--Georgia Sports Blog


No shame in losing to Bama by 19.--Anchor of Gold

Let's hold off on the rebirth of a program still got thumped.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


All of a sudden the SEC West looks nowhere near as formidable as it once did (outside of Alabama, of course). If ever there was a year for Dan Mullen to finally make his move, it's this one.--SBN Atlanta

This up-and-coming SEC program still has yet to arrive. Basically, Mississippi State is the Dippin' Dots of SEC football, spending the better part of two decades as "the ice cream of the future" without ever managing to become the ice cream of the present.--Dawg Sports


Even really good teams play lousy first halves now and then. But then really good teams ride players like Marcus Lattimore to play dominant second halves.--Get the Picture

Can anyone or anything cool off Connor Shaw?--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


Derek Dooley adds another impressive moral victory to his resume.--Get the Picture

They're a few defensive playmakers away from competing.--Red Cup Rebellion


Another team that's going to benefit greatly from the West not being nearly as good as it stacked up to be in the preseason. They'll probably earn another bowl bid from feasting on carrion alone.--SBN Atlanta

This team will be a major player in the SEC in a few years.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


Gold V vs. Rock M. Either way, some random Montanite will forever turn away from football because of this game.--Georgia Sports Blog

In just the space of a year, James Franklin has taken Vandy from being consistently the twelfth-best team in the league to being consistently the twelfth-best team in the league. I swear that's a compliment.--Dawg Sports