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SEC Power Poll, Week 7: Settle

We've got some consensus taking over in the SEC Power Poll again. And we've got the opportunities coming to blow it all up again

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 140 points (unanimous)
2. Florida Gators, 130
3. LSU Tigers, 120
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 110
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 96
6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 90
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 83
8. Mississippi Rebels, 62
9. Arkansas Razorbacks, 54
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 53
11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 49
12. Missouri Tigers, 33
13. Auburn Tigers, 18
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 12

The top four spots in our poll this week return to the consensus format that we had earlier in the season. Part of that is likely dictated by results: Everyone thinks Alabama is the cream of the conference, but then Florida-LSU-South Carolina-Georgia follows a neat little chain of victories. We have a few opportunities over the next couple of weeks to upset that apple cart, particularly with this weekend's South Carolina-Florida game and the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party the week after that.

Elsewhere, Arkansas continues its rather remarkable rise after the implosion at the beginning of the year, helped by Tennessee getting knocked off by Mississippi State last week. Meanwhile, Kentucky. The remarkable thing is that the Wildcats are not a unanimous No. 14 -- Joker Phillips has Gene Chizik to thank for that.


Alabama just keeps rolling. Their running backs continue to produce behind a great offensive line. Shhhh! Nick Saban might end up with a more impressive run, given conditions of CFB now, than Bear Bryant when all is said and done.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Bama crushed Mizzou in a deluge. At this point, the Tide may be bringing Old Testament plagues with them.--Dawg Sports


They're starting to figure out that they're way too talented to lose that many games.--Red Cup Rebellion

Yeah, I know the Hogs have managed to work their way back to .500 in conference play, but we all know that's just the prelude to the next John L. Smith implosion.--Dawg Sports


What can I say about Auburn that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan?--Red Cup Rebellion

Currently in the top half of the SEC in exactly two statistical categories: net punting and kickoff returns. They've gotten plenty of practice at both.--SB Nation Atlanta


Jeff Driskel averaged 3.9 yards per passing attempt and 16.1 yards per rushing attempt against Vanderbilt. I'm skeptical that's a recipe for long-term success, but I doubt the Gators care right now.--Get the Picture

The Gators are two wins away (vs. South Carolina and Georgia) from wrapping up the East.--College and Magnolia


Coach Mark Richt has lost control of the off week.--Georgia Sports Blog

No word yet on whether or not Aaron Murray's house was egged for his performance during the bye week.--College and Magnolia


Got a break with the weather on Saturday night, allowing them to escape Arkansas with just a 42 point loss.--Georgia Sports Blog

Kentucky's midnight madness was Friday, which means sweet relief is almost here for Big Blue.--College and Magnolia


The Tigers have some work to do before they can claim they are all the way back. I'd start with letting Brad Wing be QB.--Georgia Sports Blog

Tigers have redeemed themselves. Will it last?--Leftover Hot Dog


Missouri is like the new kid that tries too hard on the first day to school. They had TJ Moe light up media days, talked trash to Georgia, and then have been totally exposed. I bet they sort of miss being in the Big 12 right now.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

"The Zou"? More like the petting zoo.--Dawg Sports


Not to rain on their parade, but their FBS victories have come against teams that are currently a combined 3-16. Very interested to see how (or if) their defense holds up against an Arkansas team that suddenly seems to give a rip.--SBN Atlanta

Honestly, the Rebels should be ashamed for letting the Tigers hang around for so long.--College and Magnolia


They'll roll into Tuscaloosa in two weeks at 7-0 without having played a single ranked team.--SBN Atlanta

Dan Mullen wants you to underestimate his squad.--Leftover Hot Dog


Carolina better shake off the death of its dreams quickly, or a possible national-title year will have turned into a Capital One Bowl year in two weeks.--College and Magnolia

The significance of Saturday's outcome for the Bayou Bengals is that, if LSU runs the table and wins the SEC Championship Game, the Tigers likely will play for the national championship. The significance of Saturday's outcome for the Gamecocks is that, if South Carolina runs the table and wins the SEC Championship Game, the Garnet and Black likely will play for the national championship.--Dawg Sports


That big win over N.C. State in the Dome sure seems like it happened a long time ago, dunnit?--SBN Atlanta

The good news is that, when Sonny Dykes is hired to be the head coach at an SEC program in December, Derek Dooley will be able to return to Louisiana Tech and get his old job back.--Dawg Sports


If you measure progress by letting a 23-point halftime lead barely hold up instead of blowing it completely, then I guess you can say the Aggies are improving.--Get the Picture

Averaging 53 points per game over the course of their five-game winning streak. I'm guessing both of those stats hit a brick wall in Baton Rouge this weekend.--SBN Atlanta


"We did not adjust well to the quarterback running game," Vanderbilt coach James Franklin said. Master of understatement, that one is.--Get the Picture

Vandy will have to fight to get to bowl eligibility, but if the 'Dores play the rest of the year like they did against Florida, it's certainly doable.--College and Magnolia