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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 5

Ranking the SEC teams 1-14 after five weeks of games. LSU is no longer No. 2.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

1. Alabama
The Death Star destroys another planet to the delight of Emperor Sabatine.

2. Georgia
Yeah, they only beat Tennessee by a touchdown after a game that featured them self-destructing on multiple occasions. But it wasn't Towson.

3. LSU
This is a preliminary drop. If Florida defeats them, LSU is going to drop past the rest of the Big 5 in a hurry.

4. South Carolina
They only played half a game against Kentucky, but they scored as many points in that half a game as Florida did in that whole game.

5. Florida
I will say this much about Florida: In comparison to most of the rest of the Big 5, they actually looked better by not playing this week.

6. Mississippi State
They're the "oh yeah" undefeated team in the SEC right now. If they remain undefeated much longer, they'll be remembered a lot more easily.

7. Texas A&M
It's hard to tell how much of the Arkansas result was the Aggies being good on offense (which I think they are) and Arkansas just quitting the entire game of football (which I think they have).

8. Tennessee
Putting 44 points on Georgia was a lot more than I thought they would do. The defense is, um, already in the Christmas spirit.

9. Missouri
I feel like they're a lot better than they've looked so far. For their sake, I hope they are.

10. Ole Miss
The Rebels tied the season high against Alabama for points scored this year. That ain't much, but at least it's something.

11. Auburn
Suddenly, 2010 seems like a long time ago.

12. Vanderbilt
If it weren't for Arkansas, we would be talking about how disappointing James Franklin (VU) has been in his second season in Nashville.

13. Kentucky
Got perhaps their best performance at quarterback all season. Still lost by 21 points.

14. Arkansas
Look on the bright side, Arkansas fans. No, forget I even said that. There is no bright side.