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From the Desk of Commissioner Dan Beebe

TO: Whoever's left

FROM: Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe

DATE: September 8, 2011

SUBJECT: Realignment Disagreements

I would like to write to the remaining members of the Big 12, or at least the ones I think are still here, to apprise you once again of our situation re: conference realignment. Re: realignment. That rhymes or something, right?

First of all, I would like to applaud Ken Starr for his brave and courageous stand to preserve the Big 12. I am certain that President Starr's intentions are good, and that it has very little to do with the fact that his team could end up as a member of the Big Sky Conference, and everything to do with the great tradition of series like Baylor-Kansas State. And I'm also confident that this will last no longer than it has to, because President Starr has shown in the past that he never drags out hopeless legal battles for personal gain.

As you might have seen in the press, I recently had a discussion with Arkansas Athletics Director Jeff Long. I told him that we would love to have Arkansas rejoin the SEC. He said, "Dan, you're such a kidder," and we had a good laugh. Then I said, "No, seriously," and he hung up, which I took to be a sign that he's considering the idea.

I have also apologized to Mike Slive and the SEC for any confusion that my letter on lawsuits might have caused. You see, when I said that "the Big 12 and its members will not take any legal action or any possible claims against the SEC or its members," I meant the Big 12 and the members of its fan club. And I was absolutely correct there. I personally met with all five members of the Big 12 fan club, and they agreed that they wouldn't sue.

I remain as confident as ever that this league will thrive and sustain and be great. And don't miss the press conference next week in Las Cruces -- it will be a great moment for the Big 12!

Dan Beebe