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BREAKING: SEC Presidents Reportedly Meeting in Atlanta; Texas A&M Expected to be Accepted, Invited

It's kind of shadowy right now, but there are several SEC planes making their way to Atlanta and enough smoke that we'll guess there's a fire. This is happening, likely now or tomorrow if some of the SEC presidents just wanted to get to Atlanta early.

SEC presidents meeting/voting today. Translation: Ags have officially submitted their request for admission into Southeastern Conferenceless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

And Sports Illustrated's latest piece of realignment commentary by Andy Staples has this tidbit.

By Tuesday night, the SEC should know whether it has the required nine presidential votes to extend an invitation to Texas A&M, which sent a conditional withdrawal letter to the Big 12 last week. If the Aggies get the invitation, they will accept and announce as early as Wednesday their intention to join the SEC. Then, things could get wild.

If this meeting is going to happen tonight -- and I would still say that's an "if," though perhaps a likely one -- then the leaks will start soon enough. If it's tomorrow, we probably get a press conference in the afternoon. Either way, this appears to be happening.

What happens next? Oklahoma and Oklahoma State likely bolt for the Pac-12's newly rebranded conference, splintering the Big 12 and starting a new round of conference musical chairs in the middle of the football season. Buckle up.