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Kicking Off: The Realignment Times Keeps an Eye on A&M to the SEC and Oklahoma to the Pac-Something

Keeping up with all the rumors of who's going where

It's about to be a done deal. And this time we really mean it
The long-awaited Texas A&M application to the SEC might finally be submitted on Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or whenever they get around to it. It's not a big deal. There's not a football season going on or anything.

Look for the Aggies to formally announce plans to join the Southeastern Conference, possibly today and certainly by Wednesday, with at least a two-school exodus to the Pac-12 -- involving Oklahoma and Oklahoma State -- surfacing soon thereafter. Texas and Texas Tech could join the move but that remained unclear Monday night.

Movement on the Pac-12 front could happen as early as Friday, if Texas buys in to the concept.

But I thought the Texas Legislature was going to push Oklahoma around until the Pac-16 idea died. What do you mean, they're in another state and don't answer to the TSL?

Lawsuits averted? If there's no one left to file suit ...

The threat of a lawsuit against any conference that raids the Big XIIish is becoming more ludicrous as the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12, Big East and potentially the ACC all look to plunder the league for teams. There aren't enough lawyers in the Baylor law school to keep up.

Multiple sources said if Oklahoma makes a move to the Pac-12, most likely with Oklahoma State in tow, there will be no more back alley conversations or worries about tortious interference lawsuits among conferences. It will be a free for all.

Part of that is because, if Oklahoma bolts, it's unlikely there will be a Big 12 to file suit. And the other part of that is because the deepest pockets in the fight will probably be headed to the Pac-12 with Oklahoma. Ken Starr can only write so many op-eds.

Because you don't want a distraction on moving day
Why is all this action happening right now? It might because half of the schools in the 10-team Big 12 are off this week. For some reason, this seems to matter to school administrators and football coaches, because it's not like the media is going to ask their players about it after a whole week has passed. Get it out of the way during the off week, and you'll never have to deal with it again. Or something.

Turner Gill is a very naive man
One of the teams that could be left out in the cold if the Big 12 falls apart -- emphasis on could -- is Kansas. But Turner Gill isn't worried, because Dan Beebe is on top of the situation.

I have faith in our commissioner and faith in our presidents and chancellors here at our institutions. I believe the Big 12 Conference will be standing strong at some point in time. How it all shakes out, I don’t know but I do have confidence that there will be a Big 12 Conference.

Yes, Coach Gill, there will always be a Big 12. Only it will be called the Mountain West, even if it does include the Jayhawks.

Craig Thompson waxes philosophical
The Mountain West is also circling above the not-dead carcass of the Big 12. I'll repeat that, because it should give you some context for how dire things are getting: The Mountain West has a reasonable chance at thinking it could pick off some of the remaining Big 12 teams. Commissioner Craig Thompson is just zen about the whole thing, man.

Until things happen, they don't happen. There's just so much out there.

Indeed. And there figures to be even more out there in the near future.