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SEC Expansion: Missouri Could Hold Realignment Board Meeting Tuesday

Again, when the SEC says, "we're happy at (x) teams," that is only for legal cover should Baylor or someone else choose to sue. And so ...

The [Kansas City] Star has confirmed through multiple sources that the University of Missouri Board of Curators is looking at meeting on Tuesday.

The speculation -- the informed speculation that is -- anticipates that meeting dealing with Mizzou's status in the college conference realignment picture.

All the caveats usually apply. The Star was, after all, the outlet who reported an invitation from the SEC to Missouri that has been vehemently denied by everyone who would have anything to do with it. (Again, could be legal mumbo-jumbo, but it's still worth noting.)

But football head coach Gary Pinkel has apparently been adamant about not staying in a Big 12 with the current iteration of the Longhorn Network, and Missouri officials have been relatively cool to the idea of staying in the conference. The biggest hurdle could be that this could be a dog whistle to Ken Starr's herd of lawyers, especially with Oklahoma State owner T. Boone Pickens saying the Big 12 has "got a real problem" if the Tigers bolt.

Then again, the Big 12 is apparently already discussing alternatives, so maybe this is a done-ish deal. And some fans are already tracking flights from Birmingham to Columbia, which can absolutely not mean anything other than an impending press conference.

I still think this would be a cultural and geographical mismatch in all the ways that Texas A&M is the perfect 13th member. But I don't get the money that Mike Slive does to make the decisions he does. Whatever the outcome, his legacy is on the line here -- he better get it right.