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Ballotry: Half or More of the SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. LSU
They would prefer to win defensive slugfests, but they'll drop 40 on you if that's what it takes.

2. Alabama
Any questions about how many teams are in the SEC West race?

3. Florida
Blew Big Blue out of the building.

4. South Carolina
Has their ever been a more unimpressive undefeated team after four games?

5. Arkansas
Nobody really expected the Razorbacks to win Saturday, but being competitive would have been nice.

6. Auburn
The South Carolina was Cam Newton's breakout game last year. Ted Roof better hope that it's a defensive player this year.

7. Georgia
Ooh. An SEC win. Do you need those defined for you?

8. Tennessee

9. Mississippi State
You do realize that those Bulldogs don't play you until this weekend, right?

10. Vanderbilt
Hung with South Carolina on the field if not on the scoreboard. Nobody else really did that.

11. Ole Miss
At least they looked respectable against Georgia, which is a marked improvement over ...

12. Kentucky
Stop playing football before someone gets hurt.