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SEC Power Poll Results, Week 3: Shuffling


1. LSU, 166 points (12 first-place votes)
2. Alabama, 156 (2)
3. Arkansas, 128
4. South Carolina, 126.5
5. Florida, 122.5
6. Auburn, 85
7. Georgia, 72.5
8. Mississippi State, 69.5
9. Tennessee, 60.5
9. Vanderbilt, 60.5
11. Kentucky, 30.5
12. Mississippi, 15



‘Bama has beaten its non-conference cupcakes -- yes, after Saturday, I’m counting Penn State as schedule fodder -- in the anticipated manner. The Tide’s season starts next week.--Dawg Sports

They may be the best team in the country, but we are waiting for them to actually play a team that would require Bama to prove it.--And The Valley Shook

They’ve been as solid as everyone expected. This week’s game against Arkansas should tell us more about how good the Tide’s defense is.--Get the Picture


If the Razorbacks were looking ahead to Alabama next week, I'll give them a pass for getting outgained by Troy. Otherwise...--SBN Atlanta

Arkansas goes 3-0 in consecutive seasons for the first time in 22 years.--Hog Database

Arkansas faced their first opponent with a pulse last week and faltered a bit. Absent a strong and surprising emergence of a running game, this week is going to be a painful jolt.--Rocky Top Talk


Maybe I'm being picky, but no defending national champion -- especially not one from the SEC -- should EVER be giving up 624 yards of offense to anyone.--SBN Atlanta

Auburn’ offense struggled to make an impact against Clemson’s speedy DBs.--Hog Database

If Auburn boils down to a struggle between Gus Malzahn and Ted Roof, it's starting to look like Roof is winning.--Get the Picture


Everybody wondered whether the Gators could adapt to Charlie Weis' offense after years of Urban Meyer's spread. Turns out "bludgeon opponents to death with Chris Rainey" is not all that hard to adapt to.--SBN Atlanta

Undefeated, but you can see where the cracks are starting to develop in the foundation: a shaky secondary, an offensive line that struggles with run blocking and few playmakers on offense.--Get the Picture


The Fighting Chris Rainey's may be the surprise team in the East, if its possible for Florida to be a surprise team.--Red Cup Rebellion

There is hope between the hedges but is it too late?--Rocky Top Talk


Kentucky isn’t even the best in their own state, much less in SEC after losing to struggling Louisville.--Hog Database

Joker Philips used to be the offensive coordinator at Kentucky.--SBN Atlanta

LSU's rush defense is that more impressive when you consider they have played two top 20 rush offense teams from 2010.--Leftover Hot Dog


Ole Miss is so bad, it scares me, because I know Mark Richt will be fired on the spot if Georgia loses to the Rebels next weekend. If Mississippi wins next Saturday, Greg McGarity will drop Mark Richt off at Square Books, leave him sitting on the second-floor porch overlooking the Confederate monument with a copy of The Wild Palms, and return to Athens by way of Tuscaloosa so he can pick up Kirby Smart along the way. That’s how bad the Black Bears are.--Dawg Sports

No matter how hard you try, there’s no way to spin a 23-point loss to Vanderbilt.--Get the Picture

Houston Nutt will be lucky to coach 12 games this season.--Vanderbilt Sports Line


Their results against LSU were more reflective of the Tigers' defensive prowess, I think, than any major failing of Dan Mullen's offensive scheme. But there had been some speculation all along that there was a ceiling to what his spread offense could accomplish with MSU's athletes rather than Florida's, and the Bulldogs definitely whacked their heads on it Thursday night.--SBN Atlanta

Not as good as they thought they were.--Get the Picture

Is Dan Mullen overrated or just a victim of circumstances being in Starkville?--And The Valley Shook


Another week, another unimpressive win. We still call those wins.--And The Valley Shook

I can't tell if South Carolina's that good, or if the SEC East is that bad.--Red Cup Rebellion

Last week was close. Too close. Vanderbilt's a tricky, but manageable test for them.--Rocky Top Talk


I feel bad for the situation in which the Vols find themselves. Then I remember that they hired Lane Kiffin, and I don’t feel so sorry for them.--Dawg Sports

Showed some life against Florida, which is progress, but Florida also exposed how far UT has to go.--And The Valley Shook

Derek Dooley's pants are number one on the "coaches attire" power poll, and will be until Ole Miss goes back to the red trousers of the Billy Brewer era.--Red Cup Rebellion


Sure, I know the Commies are a chimera, but they have two wins over AQ conference teams. How many SEC squads can say that right now?--Dawg Sports

Vanderbilt took advantage of many, many, MANY Ole Miss mistakes. They looked good on offense too.--Hog Database

James Franklin is easily the best hire an SEC school has made over the past few years.Red Cup Rebellion