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Report: West Virginia Submits Paperwork to the SEC

If the newest reports are true, we have our 14th member. And LSU will get a preview of the new-look SEC this weekend.

Same university source who told me Dana was getting hired--& was spot-on re: everything--says WVU sent paperwork to SEC today. We'll see.
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(HT: SBNation)

If this is a source who knew about Holgorsen's hiring, that means it's an administration source -- which means it's probably somebody who would know whether this happened. It might be an anonymous source, but it's about as solid as an anonymous source can be.

This makes a lot of sense for both parties. West Virginia might not have the biggest market left on the board, but it's got a passionate fan base and is a far better cultural fit than Missouri. It can also be accepted without requiring the East to give up Vanderbilt in return for Alabama and Auburn, a switch that will likely never happen.

Part of the timing would depend on how long it takes the Big East to disintegrate. The current waiting period means that Pitt and Syracuse wouldn't join the ACC until 2014, but if the three biggest programs in the conference are ready to bolt and others like UConn, Rutgers and TCU are looking for options, there might be room to shorten the waiting period. The question is what the basketball members will do, since they have no reason to step aside and let other members leave during an expansion cycle driven by football.

Again, it's all a thinly-sourced report right now. But it's beginning to look like the final pieces of this stage of SEC expansion are falling into place.