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Sprints Looks at the Economics of Realignment for FSU // 09.15.11

Why FSU might consider the SEC even if Texas joins the ACC
Here is a lesson in how the economics of conference realignment aren't always what you might think. If you look at the ACC contract, it might make more sense for the Seminoles to join the SEC instead. Why?

He said that FSU's share of the ACC television contract is between $13 and $14 million, compared to $24 million that each of the Pac-12 conference members receive.

I believe the $21 million for the SEC might be a year or two old, but it's the number that comes to mind -- let's use it for the sake of argument. Let's also go with the $14 million figure -- that would mean the average SEC team makes $7 million more than the average ACC team. That means for Texas to join and the ACC contract to catch up to the SEC on a per-team basis -- and we're going to assume for the moment that both are able to renegotiate the contract -- Texas would have to add $105 million to the value of the ACC contract ($7 million more for each current ACC team and $21 million for Texas itself). By contrast, Texas A&M has to only add $21 million for the contract for the SEC to stay at the same level. That's the economics of realignment that a lot of people don't see.

Now, I still think the chances that FSU joins the SEC are remote at best. But Texas moving to the ACC doesn't mean it won't happen.

Sharrif Floyd will play
Because he repayed the value of his impermissible benefits to a charity. Some charity, Will Muschamp doesn't know.

The Black Lung Bowl?
Friends of Coal -- yes, that's a real thing -- will sponsor the game between Kentucky and Louisville. How stereotype-affirming.

Vanderbilt agrees to play home-and-home ... with FCS team?
Okay, so that's not entirely true, since Massachusetts is headed to the FBS after this year. But still.

Nick Saban doesn't have time for this uniform ...
Not surprisingly, the Alabama head coach is not high on the idea of jazzing up the Tide's duds.

"I don't think the coach should change uniforms," he said. "I don't think the coach should change the color of the helmets. I just don't believe that. Now that doesn't mean that's wrong when somebody does that or they think they should do it or whatever."

Having seen the Alabama state flag, I'm not surprised that he doesn't want Nike getting any ideas.

You can do bloodwork on an eagle?
Spirit is day to day after his unfortunate run-in with a several-hundred-ton opponent.

"Even though they’re trained frequently during the week, when they’re out of the box they can make a decision on their own," Bellah said.

Are we sure his name isn't Brah?