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SEC Coaches React to Texas A&M News

With the news of Texas A&M's letter of conditional resignation from the Big 12 coming right as the SEC coaches teleconference began, it gave reporters the chance to get their initial reactions largely without them being crafted by lawyers or PR people. Here is what each had to say about the Aggies potentially coming to the SEC:

Steve Spurrier: "They're a big time institution...They'll be a huge addition."

Will Muschamp: "If that happens, so be it."

Derek Dooley, on recruiting in Texas: "There's a lot of talent down there but there's a lot of teams recruiting them."

Bobby Petrino: Said it's "premature" to discuss A&M.

Les Miles: "It gives us a Texas draw. We would think the Texas student athletes would have an opportunity to see themselves attending SEC schools and this would give us an opportunity to be a little bit more serious about those guys participating in football in Texas. It's a very quality football team that probably gives some advantages to our conference."

Houston Nutt: "I can understand why people want to come to our conference... it's THE best conference in America." On recruiting in Texas: "We do it now. We're probably do it more now."

Dan Mullen: "If [Texas A&M] is coming to the SEC, that’s fantastic. I've been there to coach a game before and the excitement and the atmosphere they create is just like in the SEC. … I think it would be a welcomed addition to the league."

Mark Richt: "I don’t know if that’s a given at all. I’ve not been informed of anything. As far as in the background, I certainly don’t know what is going on. I’m sure Commissioner Slive will figure that out."

Bonus from former A&M and Bama coach Gene Stallings: "(Texas) had a little sumthin to do w/causing the breakup. Texas A&M didn't cause it."

Bonus from former A&M and Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill: It’s a great deal for the SEC and it’s a great deal for Texas A&M. It opens up Texas for Mississippi State and Arkansas. The team that will benefit the most is Arkansas, because Arkansas, when they were fighting for national championships, the majority of their players came out of Texas. … Now, you open the door for Mississippi, Mississippi State and Arkansas. They’re going to benefit greatly. In the overall picture, it’s going to benefit everybody."

Please leave a comment if I missed anything.