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Texas A&M Authorizes President Bowen Loftin to Negotiate Conference Alignment

Texas A&M's Board of Regents has unanimously given school president Bowen Loftin the authority to deal with conference realignment and contractual issues, the expected outcome of today's BOR meeting. That means that Loftin will be able to act on the university's behalf and further votes won't be needed.

As far as that cancelled Texas legislature meeting goes, it might not be a bad thing. Aggie insiders are telling beat writers and others that this is actually a good thing. Rather than signifying that a deal is off, it means that the politicians will not be getting involved in the process should A&M leave the Big 12.

Billy Liucci from is reporting that the legislature committee chairman Dan Branch merely had a conversation with Loftin rather than hold a big meeting. Liucci sees A&M leaving for the SEC as inevitable, so he assumes that Branch won't want to deal with potential political fallout should it look like he is trying to stand in the way of the process. That's not a bad assumption.

So Step 1 is done: A&M has officially made Loftin its negotiator. Step 2 would be A&M getting out of its contracts and leaving the Big 12. Step 3 is an application for SEC membership, followed by Step 4, a likely rubber stamp vote to admit the school into the conference. We'll see how quickly the lawyers can move to make that happen.