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SEC Places Five Teams in March Madness

Florida got the best draw of any SEC team today.
Florida got the best draw of any SEC team today.

The SEC had four in the field for sure and two sweating things out today. Georgia got a dancing ticket, while Alabama's bubble burst.

Florida is the best seeded team with a 2-seed in the Southeast region. That's a surprise given that no one had them higher than a 3-seed especially in light of today's loss. You figure that the committee had to have made the decision yesterday. They get UC-Santa Barbara in the first round. Pitt is their 1-seed, while BYU is the 3-seed and Wisconsin is the 4-seed.

Kentucky landed a 4-seed in the East, which is probably the toughest region. In the first round they get Ivy League champ Princeton. Their 1-seed is Ohio State, their 2-seed is UNC, and their 3-seed is Syracuse. Georgia got the 10-seed in the East region where the face Washington. That's a great first round draw for Georgia given that the game is in Charlotte.

Vanderbilt is a 5-seed in the Southwest region, facing Richmond of the CAA in the first round in Denver. Their 1-seed is Kansas, their 2-seed is Notre Dame, their 3-seed is Purdue, and their 4-seed is Louisville.

Finally, Tennessee made it in as a 9-seed in the West region, where they'll play Michigan in the first round. As with UGA, that's a favorable spot for UT because it's in Charlotte. Should they win, they'll play Duke in the second round.

Overall, Florida got the most favorable draw. They got a 2-seed when they probably deserved a 3-seed. Their first two games are in Tampa. Their 1-seed is Pitt, and Jamie Dixon is nothing if not an underachiever in the tournament. BYU sans Brandon Davies is not a very strong 3-seed.

Kentucky got a tough draw by being in the East. Tennessee also is not in good shape as, if they win their first game, they get to play Duke in Charlotte in the second round. Vandy doesn't have a great situation geographically, but no one in their pod is from anywhere near Colorado.