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SEC Power Poll Results for Week 10: Settle


1. LSU Tigers, 108 points (9 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 99
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 90
4. Georgia Bulldogs, 77
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 72
6. Auburn Tigers, 67
7. Florida Gators, 54
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 40
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 39
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 28
11. Kentucky Wildcats, 19
12. Mississippi Rebels, 9

Things are settling in at several places -- we have unanimous votes on the first three places, No. 7 and last place after last weeks epic Kentucky vs. Ole Miss showdown. Of course, settling in doesn't mean things have to make sense. Auburn beat South Carolina who beat Georgia, but our voters have gone Georgia higher than South Carolina higher than Auburn. (That seems to be more related to a reluctance to rank Auburn over Georgia, which leaves the Gamecocks able to claim some fourth-place votes that gives them an edge overall. If that's the case, it's fixed easily enough; the two teams play this weekend.)



I am surprised by the sour grapes coming out of Alabama's locker room after Saturday's loss.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Admit it, if you had to bet on one guy getting outcoached in the LSU-Bama game, you didn't have your money on that guy being Saban.--And The Valley Shook


They can't play defense, and they can score a ton.  Should we be worried that they are going to try and join the Big 12?--And The Valley Shook

If only they could move to the SEC East they could be talked about on a larger scale.--Leftover Hot Dog


Statistically, it's hard to justify them being ranked fifth. Does that mean Chizik's a good head coach, or just the last man standing in comparison to those ranked lower?--Get the Picture

Still have a chance to ruin both of their major rivals' seasons.--And The Valley Shook


Bad news for the Gators' secondary: Jordan Rodgers, 180.53 passer rating. Good news for the Gators' secondary: South Carolina appears to have run out of quarterbacks.--Get the Picture

It doesn't matter who or how, a win feels good after a month of heartache.--The ACC & SEC Blog


Best. Scheduling. Ever.--Get the Picture

Just one hurdle left for getting Richt to the magical job saving SEC Championship (sorry, Kentucky)--The ACC & SEC Blog


Suddenly looking like they might be competitive with the bottom of the conference, instead of simply being the bottom of the conference.--A Sea Of Blue

The good news is that the ‘Cats scored 20 fourth-quarter points to overcome a 13-10 deficit and beat Ole Miss. The bad news is that they had to do that in the first place.--Dawg Sports


Les Miles has won high-octane shootouts, he's won with special teams, last week he won a game of straight-up Cro-Magnon trench warfare. He's schooled his daughter at pickup hoops. Right now he's probably blasting a group of Korean teenagers off the map in Modern Warfare 3. Is there any kind of contest he can't win?--SBN Atlanta

In light of his position on the Bayou Bengals' two losses in 2007, does Les Miles get to celebrate this win? He thinks last Saturday night's showdown in Tuscaloosa should count as a tie, right?--Dawg Sports


What's a more embarrassing sign for the Ole Miss program: The fact that rumors are circulating about the Rebels making overtures to Tommy Tuberville for their head-coaching position, or the fact that said rumors aren't the least bit implausible?--SBN Atlanta

The over/under on rumored Houston Nutt replacement candidates who reportedly turn the job down is five.--Dawg Sports


Oh, goodie. The Bulldogs get to play a Nick Saban-coached squad coming off a brutal loss.--Get the Picture

Dan Mullen has already ordered the party platters to put out when he has his team over to watch the Conference USA Championship Game.--Dawg Sports


The Visor is really missing Marcus Lattimore. A whole lot.--A Sea Of Blue

If Connor Shaw really is out with a concussion, how long do you expect it will take ‘til Steve Spurrier reinstates Stephen Garcia?--Dawg Sports


Volunteers complete part one of a Tennessee State Championship.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Their game against Vanderbilt in two weeks looks like it might be a case of two desperate teams fighting for the conference's last bowl invite.--SBN Atlanta


So far James Franklin has experienced 50 years of Vandy football crammed into the last three SEC games.--The ACC & SEC Blog

If the Commodores played in the ACC or Big Ten, they'd probably have a shot at a January bowl right now. If they played in the Big East, they'd be leading the conference by two games.--SBN Atlanta