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SEC Power Poll Results for Week 12: Later


1. LSU Tigers, 72 points (6 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 66
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 60
4. Georgia Bulldogs, 53
5. South Carolina, 49
6. Auburn Tigers, 42
7. Florida Gators, 36
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 29
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 22
10. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 21
11. Kentucky Wildcats, 12
12. Mississippi Rebels, 6

It's not unusual to see light turnout on a holiday week, especially one with so little change from the week before. The voters we did have sound off after the jump.


Nick Saban is most thankful for the fact that three teams whose names begin with "O" all choked this weekend.--Dawg Sports


The Hogs rolled their third straight conference team. I still don't think they have the offensive line or defense to match up with Alabama or LSU, though.--Get the Picture


Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Nick Saban is a cold, cold man.--Get the Picture


Would Furman over Florida in the Swamp have been the biggest upset in SEC history? The fact that we're even talking about this kind of indicates the dire straits the Gators are in as a program right now.--SBN Atlanta


Their two worst games of the season have come against Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Nice to see that while some things are turning around in Athens, some long-standing traditions (i.e. playing down to the level of the opponent) are standing firm.--SBN Atlanta


Played Georgia tough.  Can you make a cheer out of, "We lost, but we sucked slightly less?"--A Sea Of Blue


Not only does Les Miles seem headed toward a date with the national championship trophy, he also deserves some kind of humanitarian award for taking knees on the Ole Miss 1-yard line with five whole minutes left on Saturday night.--SBN Atlanta


Black bears are presenting themselves to hunters and asking to be shot, just to spare themselves the misery of being associated with this team.--Dawg Sports


I go back and forth over whether to regard Dan Mullen as a much less inspiring Sylvester Croom or a much more intelligible Ed Orgeron.--Dawg Sports


Arguably a better team than last year's in a number of ways; just picked a bad season for Marcus Lattimore to get hurt (and for Georgia to be enjoying their first hint of a resurgence in several years).--SBN Atlanta


Derek Dooley described the win over Vandy as a "big step for our program." Now that's a sad comment.--Get the Picture


For all the sound and fury, Vandy is still a middling Eastern Division team from Tennessee with a whiny coach who is all mouth and has delivered only moral victories. I've seen this movie before, and James Franklin should be hired away by Southern California any time now.--Dawg Sports