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SEC Power Poll Results, Week 9: Prelude


1. LSU Tigers, 106 points (7 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 101 (2)
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 88
4. Georgia Bulldogs, 77.5
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 73.5
6. Auburn Tigers, 67
7. Florida Gators, 53
8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 40
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 40
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 29
11. Mississippi Rebels, 16
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 11

A slow week. Georgia's thrilling win over a team that had lost its last three games was apparently enough to break the Dawgs' tie with South Carolina, though in fairness the Gamecocks spent the weekend scoring 14 points in Knoxville. Tennessee fell out of its tie with Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, the two teams that remained tied at eighth.



If you put a gun to my head and told me to bet money on Nick Saban losing this kind of big game (LSU) at home with the defense he's got, I'd tell you to just shoot me already.--SB Nation Atlanta

I chose between Alabama and Louisiana State by asking myself, "Which team would I less rather see my team face in the SEC Championship Game?" If, you know, hypothetically, Georgia managed to win the East, somehow.--Dawg Sports


A second straight struggle against weaker opposition suggests the Hogs' defense ain't all it's cracked up to be.--Get the Picture

] This team is living dangerously, to say the very least. Another narrow escape thanks to the crooked leg of the Commodore kicker.--A Sea Of Blue


It looks like the bye week will do the Tigers some good. So did playing Ole Miss.--Get the Picture

Auburn offense wakes up. Houston Nutt falls asleep.--Hog Database


The most ordinary Florida team I've seen in a long, long time.--Get the Picture

Losing to Georgia in Year 1 is just one more negative milestone for Muschamp's first year.--A Sea Of Blue


Mark Richt's seat temperature went down nearly 100 degrees with a tough win over Florida.--A Sea Of Blue

I know, I know; the Bulldogs still haven't beaten a Division I-A opponent with a winning record. Just let me enjoy this one for a while, all right?--Dawg Sports


Three of its remaining SEC games are against opponents with a combined 1-14 conference record. Will it matter?--Get the Picture

Their home loss to Ole Miss this weekend should cement them as not just the worst SEC team of the season but perhaps of the past decade.--SB Nation Atlanta


Here's the deal: I think Alabama has the better defense, and I think the two offenses are basically a push, but LSU has played the tougher schedule. That's why the Tigers are in the top spot ... --SB Nation Atlanta

Whatever you do, don't allow yourself to imagine how Les Miles spends an open date. You will officially boggle your mind.--Dawg Sports


We're about to find out what happens when a resistible force meets a movable object.--Get the Picture

Can we arrange for Ole Miss and Tennessee to play one another, and shorten the game to 30 minutes? Because I'd be willing to bet that'd be a heck of a ballgame!--Dawg Sports


Fine job against Kentucky, gentlemen. Shall we mail your Liberty Bowl tickets to you or just leave them at Will Call?--SB Nation Atlanta

Wild upset of Alabama or Arkansas aside, State's bowl eligibility will rest on the Egg Bowl.--Red Cup Rebellion


A new RB emerged in place of injured Lattimore. Brandon Wilds ran for 137 yards in his starting debut.--Hog Database

OK, great, you outscored a banged-up Tennessee squad that couldn't find the end zone with a team of bloodhounds and a GPS. Let's see you keep up with Arkansas without Marcus Lattimore there to pave the way.--SB Nation Atlanta


Tennessee only scored one offensive TD all October. They are also 0-5 in SEC play. Ouch Tyler Bray, ouch.--Hog Database

Personally, I think those atrocious orange pants are bad luck. Even if they're not, my word, they're an eyesore.--Dawg Sports


It's hard to believe, but third place in the division is on the line with this week's trip to Gainesville.--Get the Picture

How heartening to see James Franklin continue Vandy's proud recent tradition of almost beating sorta-OK teams.--SB Nation Atlanta