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SEC Power Poll Results, Week Five: Westerns


1. LSU Tigers, 128.5 points (7.5 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 124.5, 3.5
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 108
4. Auburn Tigers, 92
5. Florida Gators, 88
6. South Carolina Gamecocks, 83
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 68
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 54
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 40
10. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 37
11. Mississippi Rebels, 22
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 13

Auburn zooms up the poll and South Carolina drops following the upset in Columbia. After a week in which the West destroyed the East, the leftward division has the top four teams. Overall, though, there's LSU and Alabama and everyone else.



First, second -- does it really matter before November 5th, anyway?--Get the Picture

As an LSU fan, only one team truly terrifies me -- Alabama.--And The Valley Shook

Tide LB corps is the size of some ACC defensive lines. Scary.--The ACC & SEC Blog


Once again, the Hogs are looking like a very, very good Conference USA team.--Get the Picture

The Razorbacks buckled down on defense, got smart on offense, and dug themselves out of a huge hole against a good Texas A&M team. Color me thoroughly impressed.--Red Cup Rebellion

Apparently getting rolled by Alabama on the road isn't the worst thing. They were fortunate enough to be on the same field as Texas A&M in the second half last Saturday, which was nice, but I'm still not sure I have much of a read on this team.--Rocky Top Talk


Auburn surprises everyone by hammering South Carolina with their run game. Had 11 more minutes of possession than South Carolina.--Hog Database

I think Auburn is better than any of us are willing to admit.--Red Cup Rebellion

Auburn is the cockroach of college football teams. You simply cannot kill them.--And The Valley Shook


Florida's Bataan Death March of an October gets off to a painful start.--Get the Picture

The Gators are better than this ranking at full strength, but the problem is they are far from that with John Brantley out.--The ACC & SEC Blog

The good news is that the Sunshine State Saurians are very mortal. The bad news is that all you have to do to beat them is be Alabama.--Dawg Sports


Rulers of the state of Mississippi. Now it's on to Tennessee.--Get the Picture

When Aaron Murray stops throwing interceptions this team will be very good.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Won another snoozer, but a homely 3-2 is better than a hard-fought 1-4, which is where the Dawgs were this time last year.--SB Nation Atlanta


Has it reached the point yet when a win over Vandy would be considered an upset?--Get the Picture

Beat that spread! Beat that spread! Beat that spread! Seriously, how did they beat that spread?--Rocky Top Talk

I'll give them credit for managing not to score negative points against LSU, but be that as it may, if you put the Wildcats on the same field with Ohio State it might create a singularity of offensive ineptitude that would eventually destroy all of Division I-A.--SB Nation Atlanta


I don't think this week's Tyrann Mathieu/Jeff Driskel match up is going to work out too well for Florida.--Get the Picture

LSU is calculated chaos. Their wins are both beautiful and disgusting. They're a walking contradiction, which is just how Les Miles would have it.--Red Cup Rebellion

LSU Tigers : Kentucky Wildcats :: cat : ball of string.--SB Nation Atlanta


Hoping that the solution to even up the divisions is relegation.--And The Valley Shook

Hey, a win is a win, even at Fresno State.--A Sea Of Blue

I respect the "anyone, anytime, anywhere" gumption that led the Rebs to go on the road as an uppity mid-major and beat an established power like Fresno State on the Bulldogs’ home field. Wait, what?--Dawg Sports


The bandwagon is now up on blocks on someone's front lawn.--And The Valley Shook

Reached #16 in the polls before dropping out of the top 50. Winless in conference.--A Sea Of Blue

Look on the bright side, State fans: At least your 2-3 start means other programs are much less likely to come after your head coach.--SB Nation Atlanta


Can Garcia make Lattimore and Jeffrey NOT look like NFL players? He is doing his best.--Hog Database

The SEC East favorites could be in serious trouble with Arkansas, Florida, and Clemson remaining on their schedule.--Red Cup Rebellion

South Carolina is that car your friend's working on. You know, the car that looks nice, but always has one thing wrong with it he's working on in his spare time, except when he fixes that part something else goes wrong, and next thing you know Stephen Garcia is hanging out in his garage and it's all downhill from there.--Rocky Top Talk


Hasn't impressed. Hasn't unimpressed. Hasn't really been all that noticeable, even.--Red Cup Rebellion

Can the Volunteers go at least month without a new reason to hate Lane Kiffin?--The ACC & SEC Blog

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this team at this point. That’s not a notion that’s conducive to sound sleep for this Georgia fan this week.--Dawg Sports


Vanderbilt had a bye week last week. You watched just as much Vanderbilt football last week as you did the three weeks prior. It's okay, you can admit it. We're all friends here.--Rocky Top Talk

They aren't Kentucky.--And The Valley Shook

Don't laugh. With the Gamecocks loss Vandy is back in the East race.--The ACC & SEC Blog