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SEC Power Poll Results, Week 8: Knots


1. LSU Tigers, 107 points (8 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 100 (1)
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 89
4. Georgia Bulldogs, 74
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 74
6. Auburn Tigers, 69
7. Florida Gators, 54
8. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 36
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 36
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 36
11. Mississippi Rebels, 16
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 11

I don't know that we've ever had a two way tie for one spot and a three-way tie for another in the same week's poll, but the "mushy middle" of the SEC has proven to be particularly mushy this year. And in the case of South Carolina and Georgia, you have a team that defeated the other team on the road then looked awful against average competition while the loser buzz-sawed through even worse opponents. So what do you make of that?

And in the Mississippi State-Tennessee-Vanderbilt knot, you've got teams that have all shown at least a bit of fight against a better opponent but done very little to actually distinguish themselves. So, it's official; the SEC is still a mess.



You think the Birmingham Police would ever ticket Paul Finebaum's car?  Didn't think so.  Finebaum 1 Saban 0--The ACC & SEC Blog

Tennessee did something nobody else has done -- stuck with Alabama for 2 quarters.  Unfortunately, the game is 4 quarters, and the other two, well ... --A Sea Of Blue


The Hawgs can thank the Rebel's pathetic execution (12 penalties?  Really?) for this gift.--A Sea Of Blue

What, had Houston Nutt not produced enough maddening games for you people already?--Dawg Sports


Auburn's been outscored by 38 in conference play now. The Tigers don't have a dependable quarterback and the good ship Ted Roof is leaking like a sieve.--Get the Picture

Most lopsided loss by a defending national champ since 1984.--The ACC & SEC Blog


Will Muschamp tries to do what even Ron Zook could do.--The ACC & SEC Blog

John Brantley likely returns to the lineup for the Cocktail Party, but Chris Rainey will still be the player Georgia's defense puts a bullseye on.--SBN Atlanta


The mere fact that they don't have a critical skill-position player in jail or in the hospital pretty much makes them tops in the East by default at this point, though that could change in the blink of an eye in Jacksonville.--SBN Atlanta

Lookee here, the Dawgs could make the SEC East race just that much more interesting (or, rather, less uninteresting).--Red Cup Rebellion


Kentucky did what no one else in the SEC could do....they beat Jacksonville St.--Hog Database

Has anybody even watched a Kentucky game this year?--Red Cup Rebellion


The Auburn game was the football equivalent of a scratch golfer giving a duffer fifteen strokes and then wiping the guy off the course.--Get the Picture

For Auburn fans to hold out hope for victory in Baton Rouge just because of Tyrann Mathieu's suspension was kind of like Michael Spinks hoping for a win because Mike Tyson had a stuffy nose that morning.--SBN Atlanta


Went from one good drive against Alabama to one good half against Arkansas.--Get the Picture

I'm not saying it will happen, but Ole Miss could conceivably beat Auburn, Kentucky, and Mississippi State, stumbling into a 3-5 SEC record and a possible bowl so long as the team plays the way it played against Arkansas. Again, not saying it will, but it could happen, right?--Red Cup Rebellion


Hopefully Chris Relf figured out how to throw the football during the bye week.--The ACC & SEC Blog

The Bizarro Bulldogs haven't gotten blown off the map in any of their losses this year, but there's nothing about this team right now that makes you think they're about to pull a truly dominating performance against any of their remaining opponents, either. Even Kentucky.--SBN Atlanta


Relax, guys. Georgia's in Jacksonville this week.--Get the Picture

It'll be awfully interesting to see the Gamecocks get their first taste of Life After Lattimore in Knoxville this weekend. Alabama had the horsepower to make Tennessee pay for their lack of depth in the second half, but Carolina may not.--SBN Atlanta


Looking for a stark indication of just how severely Tennessee's depth issues have crippled them this season? In their four SEC games so far (all losses), the Vols have been outscored 56-6 in the third quarter.--SBN Atlanta

If you only play 30 minutes of football, you never have to worry about getting jobbed at the end of 60 minutes.--Dawg Sports


James Franklin streak of avoiding post game confrontation sits at 1.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Handled Army easily, and is two wins away from a bowl bid.  Tennessee and UK could be winnable for the 'Dores this year, too.--A Sea of Blue