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Ballotry: Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. LSU
I still think they're going to win convincingly in a couple of weeks. Not by a large margin, but convincingly.

2. Alabama
And I would favor the Tide to win any other conference in America.

3. Arkansas

4. South Carolina
I can't justify keeping Auburn above them any longer after the dismantling by LSU.

5. Georgia
And if they win in the WLOCP by a strong margin while the Gamecocks win unconvincingly in Knoxville, it will be hard for me to keep South Carolina above them.

6. Auburn
I don't believe they'll be winning the SEC West this year.

7. Florida
John Brantley is probably back this week. And if you say you honestly thought at the beginning of the year that Florida fans would be celebrating this, you are either exaggerating or a liar.

8. Tennessee
If only they still had Tyler Bray ... and Justin Hunter ... and ...

9. Mississippi State
Maybe we were too quick to say that the Urban Meyer/Dan Mullen offense would work consistently in the SEC. Sans Tebow, it's worked once.

10. Vanderbilt
James Franklin might have been thinking about punching Todd Grantham in the nose, which would have been a public service. But Vanderbilt punching Army in the nose means the terrorists have won.

11. Ole Miss
If you had only gone with Admiral Ackbar, none of this would have happened.

12. Kentucky
Awful. Just awful.